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Re: [feline-heart] information about herbs -help

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  • gran_patti
    Hi there, I really appreciate your suggestions. I am going to find out about selenium, wouldn t that be some bit of interesting? I have heard about rutin
    Message 1 of 3 , May 23, 2000
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      Hi there, I really appreciate your suggestions. I am going to find out
      about selenium, wouldn't that be some bit of interesting? I have heard
      about rutin and just tonight as a matter of fact called and found a health
      food store which carried it and I asked him to read to me what its effects
      supposed to be and he read that it was an anti allergic mostly, good for
      healing bruises and black and blue spots and relieves allergies. He also
      said it is a bioflavinoid, what ever that means. I wonder if his catalog
      was accurate and complete. I have talked to several people on this list who
      swear by it, Julie, and some others, there was another reference to it
      tonight. I am going to call another health food store. I did ask my
      homeopathic vet about it and he said he had never heard of it. The best
      kept secrets are the best. The homeopathic vet did send me however, some
      birch, it is from the roots of the birch and its claims are it is a
      diuretic primarily, and secondarily has been found to lower bun and
      creatinine. Sounds wonderful doesn't it. I started her on it this evening,
      putting l5 drops in a gel cap and noticed a visible improvement in her
      attitude and breathing in about 3 hours. She got l5 more drops in gelcap
      about 8 hours after the first one (the inc=structions are 30 drops a day,
      It says it is an herbal supplement.) Here is what the clinical guide says
      BETULA PUBESCENS rootlets, not the buds. is the part of the tree with the
      most diuretic properties. The shoots, twigs and sap of the birch are also
      diuretic. However, the rootlets clearly increase the quantity of urine
      eliminated and lowers the urea and creainine. The dosage is 50 drops per
      day. (vet said 30) taken upon waking or at bedtime since decubitus
      encourages diuresis. It is all new talk to me. Thank you for hanging in
      there with us. Shbe is having (really was having) a bad time. she has
      perked up a little tonight. I also have an o2 tank here and she will
      tolerate the direct flow from a tube for a few minutes which seems to help
      her the flow rate is 2.5. Hope she maintains at this level, Thank you
      says Lilli, thank you and purrs to all your babies. I hope things are going
      okay there. Keep us posted.
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      > Have you thought of giving her rutin to alleviate the fluids build-up It's
      what is given homeopathically to pregnant women retaining alot of fluids.
      > gran_patti wrote:
      > > Lilli has been having trouble breathing again, I took her to the vet and
      she has developed pleural edema for which they have re-raised her lasix and
      I am noticing some improvement I hope. I have some herb here called English
      Hawthorne. I am afraid to give it to her because I read somewhere that it
      dilates the veins and arteries. Vasotec and Enacard both do that. She was
      tried on each and almost died, developed a cardiomypothy which undeveloped
      itself after each were discontinued. So I totally believe that vasodilators
      are major disasters for her. The only reason I am considering using English
      hawthorn is that my vet said it works directly on the heart muscle, and it
      helps the heart to beat with more strength which is what she needs so the
      fluids won't back up and build up. He said he didn't think it does dilate
      veins and arteries and should only work on strengthening the action of the
      heart. Does anyone know how I can find out what the story is about this
      stuff? She is not
      > > a candidate for digoxin which acts directly on the heart and increases
      its pumping efficiency because her kidney values are too high and they won;t
      be able to clear the digoxin from her system. I am wanting so badly to find
      something which will help her brave little heart to be able to work better.
      They think her heart is having trouble working. Any thoughts, or
      experience, Please post Our best thoughts and wishes to all our brave
      little babies and their devoted moms and dads and all their protectors.
      Paw Pats to you all. Hope everyone's lab work comes out good. Patti and
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