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Re: [FH] How to make a oxygen tank at home.

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  • Pat
    Hi Lori; ... From: hanneloretepper ... This came up on another list not long ago. You need to be very careful as your cat can
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2009
      Hi Lori;

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      From: "hanneloretepper" <hanneloretepper@...>
      > Im getting some 02 delivered in am and wonder if any one has suggestions?

      This came up on another list not long ago. You need to be very careful as
      your cat can have toxic levels with complications you don't need:
      "At sea level oxygen is toxic to man when breathed for more
      than twenty-four hours at a percentage greater than about
      forty percent. Pulmonary pathology is the first manifestation
      in subjects with previously normal lungs."
      "Priestley, who discovered the oxygen, was himself
      amongst the first to suggest that there may be adverse
      affects of this 'pure air', when in 1775, he observed a candle
      to burn out faster in oxygen than in air, and wondered if
      'the animal powers too be soon exhausted in this pure
      kind of air'1."

      You might want to discuss with your veterinarian as to what will be a safe
      amount of time to use this on cats as they are so much smaller than humans.

      We just used a baby mask and cylinder when Pepper seems to need some, but
      found that just revived him to perform to excess again, so we stopped doing
      it. When he gets wiped now, we keep an eye on him until he stops the open
      mouthed breathing. That often happens when he first gets up in the morning
      as the sudden change in activity level is too much for his little heart and
      the oxygen isn't getting around. )-:

      Pat and all the boys
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