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Now Tootsie has problems

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  • Carol Yonov
    Usually I write in about Mellie s issues, but we just learned her sister Tootsie has problems now. They are both 17 y/o persian sisters and our sweeties.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2009
      Usually I write in about Mellie's issues, but we just learned her sister Tootsie has problems now. They are both 17 y/o persian sisters and our sweeties. Tootsie was dx with crf in 2002 and has done quite well even thought she has multiple stones in both kidneys, a ureter, and her bladders; she also has bone spurs/arthritis in her elbows and a couple places along her spine and has had a few very painful periods. We started her on another round of adequan injections as we didn't keep up with the boosters a couple years ago. This time they didn't do much good though. So last week we had bloodwork done and it came back very good - her renal values are in normal range! Couldn't figure what else it could be so we were grasping at straws when I thought she might have low blood pressure as she takes enalapril for proteinuria, perhaps if she didn't have high blood pressure the enalapril would lower it too much was my best guess. So on Monday we took her for a blood pressure check, it was 240/182 as an average of 3 checks; heart rate was 182. She was growling the entire time and definitely wanted away from there so I honestly figured she was way too squirmy for them to get a good reading. The vet said to get her to Mellie's cardiologist without any delay in making the appointment, so we did just that. It was suggested by a couple vets and the cardio scheduler that we might take her in earlier through the emergency clinic but she wasn't showing any overt signs of trouble and, in fact, was doing better than she'd done the previous week... so, she was seen yesterday. (If we'd taken her in through the ER we would have had no options in who saw her and I really like Mellie's cardiologist.)

      Her blood pressure was indeed 240 yesterday, pulse still 182. I'm knocking on wood that she has no blindness or strokes before the amlodipine takes effect. She had her first dose of amlodipine last night when we got home and now I'm wondering when does everyone give their blood pressure medicine? morning or evening? with food? She will have another blood pressure check in a week and if she has not responded then cardio. dr. will double the dose. Once she is stabilized then we will have to deal with her irregular heart beat which we just learned about too.

      Any words of wisdom for us?

      carol and the girls

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