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Re: question; weak legs, but not thowing clots - Pretty Girl at ER again

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  • Jan
    Hey guys - Although my attention is also with the national tragedy, I still have to help my kitty. That s why I m turning to you guys again. She spent the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2001
      Hey guys -

      Although my attention is also with the national tragedy, I still have to
      help my kitty. That's why I'm turning to you guys again. She spent the
      night in ER last night and is still there. As most of you know she has CHF,
      had fluid on her lungs, etc in the past and had to have it tapped, had
      hyper-T.....and is on ton of meds. About Tuesday or Wednesday she started
      to be constipated, but could finally go. Then Wednesday or Thursday she
      seemed to have just runny diarreah that got everywhere she went. Wednesday
      or Thursday, I came home at lunch and she was actually on the bed (she now
      uses a box near the bed to get on the bed). She had not done that on her
      own since we got back from A&M. Well Friday at lunch I came in to check on
      her and she seemed to be in a ton of pain from things being such a mess
      under her tail (swollen...) I had already cleaned her off. She seemed to
      walk a bit wobbly, but I thought it was from her being in such discomfort
      under her tail. I went ahead and took her to the vet about 1:30 pm and
      picked her up about 6 or so (when he finally had a chance to look at her
      closely). He said to give her two ccs kaopectate for the diarrea and try
      to get her temp up as it was at 96 degrees. (Apparently they start dying
      at 95 and 94 degrees...) (She could still walk a bit then, because the vet
      gave her some vitamen stuff on the roof of her mouth because she had not
      been eating much the past couple of days. She jerked her head from him and
      walked into her pet carrier. (My sweet baby). Took my baby home, wrapped
      her in a towel, and made her eat about 20 or 30 ccs as she is down to 3 lbs
      3 ounces (used to be a 6 or 7 lb kitty). Then put her on top of a
      sweatshirt that was on top of a heating pad (turned on low and then turned
      off every so often so as not to "cook" her). Then put a sweatshirt on top
      of her to cover her. She started lifting her head a bit later so I put her
      in the bedroom on a towel (covered) near her food, water and litter. Left
      her 5 or 10 mins and came back. She was determined to get back to the cold
      tile of the bathroom floor (which is actually where the water and litter is)
      and she had knocked over a waterdish and was laying in the spilled water.
      Picked her up, warmed her up again and sat with her. Called A&M. The said
      to see if her back legs were weak compared to the front. I stood her up.
      she tried to walk with front paws and back legs went down. They said get
      her to ER to be safe. (About 9:30 pm) At ER learned she has her pulses in
      back legs so it's not a clot, but she is dehydrated (from the lasix and the
      other potassium sparing diuretic). They put her on oxygen and are iv'ing
      her fluid at 1/4 to 1/2 maintenance after conferring with A&M. Does anyone
      know what this could mean? By the time she got to ER her temp was back to
      100 degrees and later (early this morning was 100.5 degrees (should be 101).

      Could she just be exhausted from lack of fluid and the diarreah?

      Don't know if I should drive three hours to A&M or not.

      I hate this. Hate it hate it hate it. I can't stand to watch her die. She
      is just too sweet. Before the stupid ER even knew if she needed meds they
      stuck a catheter in her and CUT HER SKIN (allegedly skin) on her neck near
      her JUGLAR!!! What incompetence. I hate them and she is there right now.
      They actually had to give her stitches for it. This vet is horrible also
      (so far as his bedside manner anyway).

      Mom came up now. So we are going to see Pretty Girl and try to decide if we
      should take her to A&M or what. I'm almost afraid she just needs to come
      home and rest. I just don't know. Anything like this happened to you guys?
      I'm so sorry to ramble. Thanks for being such great people. I could not
      have made it this far if it was not for you guys. I rely on you guys more
      than the vets.


      P.S. I have a call in to her regular vet that saw her yesterday, but he is
      with a patient. Probably won't be til after noon when I hear from him I'm
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