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Re: [FH] UPDATE; Neighbor's Cats on Balcony

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  • Westgold
    You did good!!! The biggest concern is the strings around their necks. They don t realize they re 3 floors up, and if one ran for a bug or a bird he could
    Message 1 of 2 , May 17, 2009
      You did good!!! The biggest concern is the strings around their necks. They don't realize they're 3 floors up, and if one ran for a bug or a bird he could slip off and be hanged by the string. That owner needs to be educated!! Slip her another note. They shouldn't go out at all, but if she has to do it, it should be supervised and just for a few minutes by themselves.
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      I went downstairs last night around 7:15 and slipped a note under the door saying I had seen their cats on the balcony and would be happy to take the cats to a shelter if they were no longer able to care for them or no longer wanted them. I'm pretty sure someone was home because i thought I heard the tv. 45 minutes later they were back inside the house...possibly unrelated, possibly not.

      I had gotten wonderful responses from everyone on this and thank you all for taking the time to answer. In particular, I thank those who gently pointed out that there might be more to the situation than I might know of. Right now, Mr data is yowling simply because he can and i realize that with the sounds he makes when he's not feeling well with all of his issues, or simply wants the entire world to be proud he has had a poop, that someone standing outside our door might hear those yowls and might interpret it as a cat being abused or neglect (yes, he is that vocal). But I'm still going to keep an eye out for those cats. If this is a daily thing or it happens a lot, maybe the neighborly thing to do is offer to watch the cats for them in my apartment rather than keeping them out on the balcony. And if it ends up being a long standing case of abuse, i know know what to do to keep those cats safe and find a place for them to go.

      It was good then too that the police didn't respond to my 2 calls as I know now also that had they suspected abuse the cats most likely would have been euthanized had they been seized. Next time the police will be after i have tried to talk to the neighbor on my own if possible.

      I still don't think putting cats on a 3rd floor balcony with little string leashes around their necks that could have gotten tangled with all the stuff on that balcony was a smart decision for 12 hours but at least they're back in the house now.

      Thank you again everyone for being there for me. It was painful to watch them out there especially since they looked so miserable. But I am wiser now thanks to all of you.

      dawn & data


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