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RE: [FH] moving and flying

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  • Judi Levens
    we ve never sedated Max since he has asthma and our vet didn t think it was a good idea...I don t think the sedation is necessary. Our angel Cleo took 5 round
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 29, 2009
      we've never sedated Max since he has asthma and our vet didn't think it was a good idea...I don't think the sedation is necessary. Our angel Cleo took 5 round trips with us; she was a very tense and nonsocial cat, but she was able to handle the air travel. Max is easier going, but it's still difficult for them...nonetheless, they just get "quiet" for the flight...just get through it...Judi and Max

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      > Cindy,
      > Sounds like lots of good input coming your way from the group. I posted
      > something similar about 5 months ago & am in the process of trying to
      > move from NC to Manila, Philippines. The advice I've been given by the
      > cardiologist is they don't recommend it but that's more for the sake of
      > their liability. You have to consider what stage of heart condition
      > your baby is in & how important the trip is. In my case, I would never
      > go w/out Sangie so I have to take her. Even w/out a cardiologist in the
      > Philippines, my cardiologist here said they would still consult if
      > echos, etc were faxed/emailed & I just made sure that the vet there has
      > her current heart meds (that was a biggie for me). I'm literally flying
      > on a wing & a prayer I feel but you have to take your life as well as
      > your kitty's into consideration. So, my heart goes out to your dilema.
      > You MUST take your baby in the cabin w/you, as cargo not meant for any
      > animal (in my opinion), esp special-needs animals. My vet recommended
      > no sedation as it really disorients in addition to the stress.......not
      > a good combination. I'm not sure about what Lisa mentioned
      > (butorphenol), but it's worth checking into it. I will probably do the same.
      > Keep me posted on how things go, as I'm very much relate to your situation!
      > k-
      > Judi Levens wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi Cindy; I haven't moved since Max was dx with CHF, but we do travel
      > > to Mexico by air every winter and stay for 6 months. Our vet at home
      > > was very much opposed to taking Max on a plane but we simply had no
      > > option. He's "sailed" through 3 trips since then and we are getting
      > > ready for another one next week. I am not saying you will not have a
      > > problem, just that Max hasn't. One thing we do is we have our pet
      > > communicator check in with him before the flight and make sure he
      > > understands what's happening...you may not believe in them, but she
      > > has helped us very much, and particularly with this. Max is
      > > ready...not necessarily happy, but he gets through it. Also, I keep
      > > his carrier open in the car on the way to the airport so he's not too
      > > confined, and as soon as we get back in the car after we land...that
      > > way the time in the carrier is minimized. I keep my hand in the
      > > carrier while we are at the airport (the sounds and all the
      > > movement/people is frightening to a cat.) We cover the carrier with a
      > > large scarf while we are in the airport so that he isn't looking at
      > > all the activity. As far as the move goes, you have to do what is
      > > right for you...your cat will understand this, and he knows you love
      > > him, so just try to make it as easy on him as possible...eg. try to
      > > have some toys with you and his favorite things to lie on when you get
      > > there...maybe put your robe out for him to lie on so that he can smell
      > > you and make sure you have the same covers on your bed he's used
      > > to...those kinds of things. Also, since a move is traumatic for a cat,
      > > I would use the pet communicator to explain it also.
      > >
      > > good luck...Judi and Max
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      > > Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 21:29:52 +0000
      > > Subject: [FH] moving and flying
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      > > Hi everyone,
      > >
      > > It has been sometime since I've posted and need some serious advice. I
      > > have been contemplating a big move to another city. I am thinking
      > > about going back to school but the program I am VERY interested in is
      > > in another city. Aside from the fact that the new city lacks a vet
      > > heart specialist, I am concerned about my heart kitty flying and
      > > moving. He has been quite healthy since his RCM diagnosis September
      > > long wknd 2007. Anyway, I will consult our heart vet and our
      > > integrative vet before the move to also get advice, but I was
      > > wondering if anyone here has moved with their heart kitty? I have been
      > > wanting to do this change for at least a year now and can't wait
      > > another year. I feel like my life has been on hold because of my cats'
      > > health. Plus I think I will be a happier person for pursuing this
      > > degree. I've thought about this change for years but have yet to do
      > > it. I worry about my furbabies. I would appreciate any advice. Thank
      > > you in advance, Cindy
      > >
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