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Re: [FH] Moral Support (Euthansia Concern)

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  • Sue
    Alan, Lasix cannot control the fluids alone. In my opinion, prescribing lasix by itself seems to be the typical first step of a vet who has limited knowledge
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 28, 2009

      Lasix cannot control the fluids alone. In my opinion, prescribing lasix by
      itself seems to be the typical first step of a vet who has limited knowledge
      of treating heart disease. Lasix will affect the kidneys more than
      enalapril will. Plus, what good are healthy kidneys if the cat is has heart
      disease and is drowning in his own fluids?

      The breathing can seem labored, but you absolutely can't tell if it's from
      fluid without an x-ray. Lasix can have side-effects and make him feel weak
      and a bit off in general. Are you sure that he's having trouble breathing
      or just having other issues?

      Have you checked his respiration rate? Count the times his sides move in &
      out for one minute while he's resting and NOT purring. Doing it while he's
      sleeping is good. It should be in the high-teens to mid-20s. Above 40 is
      time for concern. Also look to see if his sides move in & out more than

      You can look up complete drug information, including side-effects at the
      National Institutes of Health Web site at
      http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginformation.html. I suggest that you
      bookmark that link.

      Overall, I truly understand what you're going through. When my girl Pepper
      was first diagnosed, it took a few months and thousands of dollars to get
      her stabilized. I thought I would lose my mind. At least you have your
      partner to lean on.

      Once she was stable, her medications were not expensive. I learned to
      monitor her breathing and could notice changes before it was a crisis.
      Doing that allowed me to get a minor adjustment in her medication and keep
      her going.

      With a prognosis of 2-10 months, she gave me another 2-1/2 years of

      With all that said, each situation is different and sadly, money does play a
      significant part in Liebchen's care. It can be extremely stressful. Some
      cats can be stabilized and some can't. If you feel that you've given your
      best and that you can't afford the care, then euthanizing him is definitely
      an option. There have been others on this list who have had to make the
      same decision. No one will think you're a bad person for it. Obviously
      you've put your heart and wallet into making a good effort.

      Sue & angels Pepper & Gandy
      with Nicholai, Lola-Joy & Isabella

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      > Hello Everyone,
      > While waiting for the vet to call I thought I'd seek some advice.
      > I posted once before. My cat's name is Liebchen, burmese, 9yo, with a
      > myriad of problems. He's had PU surgery, siezure activity and congestive
      > heart failure just last week.
      > He's only on Lasix until we get his kidney values (today sometime) then
      > will be on Enalapril I guess.
      > My problem. At yesterdays vet visit for the blood draw he was perfetly
      > fine. This morning, he's breathing a 'little' labored. Not like initially.
      > After calling the ER vet they said this type of condition can worsen
      > quickly. I've now given him three doses of Lasix on their advice. Again,
      > I'm waiting for the Cardiologist to call.
      > I am spent. My parter and I have been watching the cat religiously since
      > January. I'm tired. I'm missing work today to monitor my cat until the vet
      > calls back. AND basically we're out of money and I don't want Liebchen
      > prodded and poked any longer or have to endure another overnight ER visit.
      > I know this is crazy, but we've spend over $6,000 in vet/ER bills over the
      > past three months.
      > When is enough enough? For my sanity and Liebchens well being, quality of
      > life, is it time to euthanize?
      > I've been saying this entire time, wait until the next test. Wait until he
      > really get's sick. Am I being selfish just because I'm tired?
      > It's my understanding that heart conditions aren't "curable" so this will
      > just get worse.
      > Thanks for listening and for any advice you can give.
      > Alan S (Chicago)
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