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Re: [FH] Treat HCM or Hyperthyroid?

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  • moonpye
    Debbie wrote: I know the cardiologist cannot do anything for her hyperthyroid, but fixing her thyroid could help her heart, so I m thinking I should do the
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 7, 2009
      Debbie wrote: "I know the cardiologist cannot do anything for her
      hyperthyroid, but fixing her thyroid could help her heart, so I'm
      thinking I should do the I131 treatment."

      Debbie, I wanted to add that sometimes heart disease is independent of
      Sometimes the damage that untreated HyperT causes can not be reversed.
      Heart disease must be treated separately from the treatment for Hypert in
      these cases. Heart disease may be congenital too.

      Skylar started off with hypert and mild HCM over 3 years ago. Treatment for
      Hypert did not reverse his mild HCM. His heart disease has progressed from
      mild HCM to severe RCM.
      I'm not saying this is Aja, just letting you know this does happen.

      And he does have an enlarged heart as I saw today on the chest xrays.

      Donna is right, undiagnosed heart disease and congestive heart failure is
      life threatening.
      As well you know untreated Hyperthyroidism is, but in my humble opinion the
      heart trumps the thyroid (cardio first). I know this is tough decision for
      you, but I am concerned about quarantine for a kitty with undiagnosed? heart
      disease, but it does seem that she has been dx'd by the ER as having HCM
      without an echo which can't be done AFAIK.. Aja does have a enlarged heart
      when admitted to the ER for difficulty in breathing and put in oxygen for
      heart failure, as well as being prescribed Lasix and Benezapril and cardio
      recommended for her.

      The cardiologist should also know an I131 facility who can care for a heart
      kitty if Aja is diagnosed to have HCM and what would would best for her.. I
      would rule in or rule out heart disease before Aja needs to be quarantined.

      Best to you and Aja,
      Candace with Cinnamon and Skylar

      On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 5:55 PM, jintzr <jintzr@...> wrote:

      > I actually feel the very same way. I am really worried your cat is dealing
      > with undiagnosed heart disease also, and could be in, or recovering from
      > heart failure. In my opinion, the most vital and life-saving step at this
      > point is to get her to a cardiologist to understand what you are dealing
      > with. You are aware of the Hyper-T, but undiagnosed heart disease and
      > congestive heart failure can kill VERY quickly, and you had mentioned your
      > kitties increased respirations, and with an enlarged heart on an x-ray, I
      > really think the cardiologist would be my first stop, to prevent a
      > life-threatening issue.

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