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RE: [feline-heart] Harpsie update, Saturday

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    you are both in our thoughts sand prayers. linda and the boys ... From: Helen [mailto:helenandcats@ntlworld.com] Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2001 4:05 PM To:
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      you are both in our thoughts sand prayers.

      linda and the boys

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      Subject: [feline-heart] Harpsie update, Saturday

      Unfortunately I'm still very worried about Harpsie )-: Although he really
      hates the vet's and finds it really stressful being there, normally when he
      comes home he is relieved and happy. He's now been home for almost 30 hours,
      but he's not doing well )-:

      He will not eat. He hovers over the food bowl but doesn't actually eat. I'm
      wondering if he has stomach acid or mouth ulcers, though there is no reason
      why he should. In desperation, I have just syringed some A/D mixed with
      Slippery Elm Bark in, I pray this helps him. He hasn't actually eaten since
      Tuesday, the vet had him on a drip and they syringe fed him. I know he must

      He still growls and hisses if we try to pick him up. He seems to be
      particularly tender near his ribs, which is what first alerted me to his
      illness on Tuesday. I thought this would have improved by now but it
      hasn't )-: I don't understand why he is tender there when he is supposed to
      have a severe UTI. Does anybody know? The vet did x-ray his chest and found
      no fluid, but I'm still worried.

      We nearly called the duty vet today, but my husband wanted to wait a bit
      longer. I think at this rate we'll have to call them tomorrow. I'm concerned
      there must be something else going on.

      Even if we manage to get Harpsie feeling happy again (and he is acting worse
      than he did when he came home after being catheterised after his blockage),
      my husband has to go away on business on Mon, and Harpsie never does great
      when my husband is away )-:

      Today is the second anniversary of my George's death from hepatitis )-: When
      the vet originally thought on Tuesday that Harpsie might have a liver
      problem, I immmediately feared (totally illogically, I know, but what's
      logic got to do with it?) that Harpsie would die today on George's
      anniversary. Harpsie is still hanging in there but he's really not well, and
      I'm scared.

      Anxious Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Karma, and Angels Tanya, George and Thomas
      Tanya's UK Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Centre

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