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Re: [FH] Introducing Tigger Too

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  • Pat
    Hi Michelle; ... From: Westgold ... Sorry to run into you here as heart patients are a definite concern. You may remember that we
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2009
      Hi Michelle;

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      From: "Westgold" <westgold@...>
      > I was afraid to even play with him when he was first diagnosed, but my vet
      > said that kitties are "here for a good time, not a long time". So we play
      > and run >around everyday, and he loves vigorously climbing his cat tree.
      > I was told that the possibility exists that he could drop dead anytime, so
      > we just enjoy every day.

      Sorry to run into you here as heart patients are a definite concern. You
      may remember that we took in Pepper because of his diarrhea a year and a
      half ago, and we also went through him going blue when he was 'altered', so
      they couldn't do the tattoo we had requested.........we wanted that because
      he is a little terror who loves to overdo it all the time, too. Pepper's
      hole in the heart is to close to a major blood vessel for surgery to be
      done, but his prognosis was that he wouldn't survive past last December and
      I think he is definitely going to be around for a while if summers don't get
      too hot. We rented an oxygen tank for when Pepper gets badly winded from
      overdoing the running around, but if we give him the oxygen that just gets
      him started with his reign of terror again, so we stopped doing that. )-;

      As my computer is acting up still I can't access my files, but I think that
      your boy is either on the fortekor or lasix. Pepper is on both. He loves
      the flavor of FortiFlora so we make up capsules that are packed with the
      Fortiflora in with the meds and he eats them like candy, so we don't have
      the same pilling issues you have. Pepper is at

      Hamlet has had a heart murmur since we took him in all those years ago, too,
      but has never developed past the first stage with it, in spite of not
      getting the cardio exercise he should. Here we add freeze dried quail
      hearts as treats once in a while, and give Vitamin E to both boys twice a
      week, and other than that everyone just has the RC Diabetic, with some Taste
      of the Wild for a change, along with the high protein Fancy Feast treats
      they all share. We don't feed much of the canned because of the BPA and
      high fat content being a cardiac threat.

      Hopefully others will come up with good information for you on the list as
      there are good experienced people here.

      Pat and all the boys.
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