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[FH] Re: IMPORTANT INFO: Taking CoQ10 with blood thinners]

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  • Carol
    hi Bettina, It s fine that you sent your email to the group, since there is good info that they can benefit from too. ... Did your vet do blood tests with
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2009
      hi Bettina,

      It's fine that you sent your email to the group, since there is good info that they can benefit from too.

      Did your vet do blood tests with Snowball to find out the right amount of "blood thinner" for him (or her? sorry ...)? I know that it's "rather" easy doing such tests for humans, but all information I could find for cats look rather complicated, and in Germany I haven't yet found anybody who does blood checks to find the right dosage ...

      Well, for my mom, they tested her before and after starting the Coumadin/Warfarin. Then they tested her every other day for two weeks (lots of giving blood!), and now they have her dose down to what they want it at, so she gets tested once every 3 weeks, and she's still taking her CoQ10 same as before (30mg 3 x a day).

      But with the cats, they may have had a blood test prior to being given the blood thinners, and the test may have been for other reasons, but they can get a blood count and platelet count on it anyway. Then after they start the blood thinners, usually after the first week (usually after they've given them IV heparin while in the hospital), but then they send the cats home with whatever kind of blood thinners they decide to give them, and to my knowledge, they don't retest again. That's what they did with our angel Chris. After they sent him home with injectible heparin, that was for 10 days, then they did test him once, but after that, nothing. They prescribed aspirin for him after his course of heparin, but we only did the aspirin for a couple of weeks then weaned him off of it and switched over to Nattokinase. But in all the time after he got his last test after the heparin, they didn't test him again specifically to see how his blood was doing on the thinners, or in his case, the Nattokinase.

      Carol, what do you think about this idea:
      In the German heart kitties list we've got a table in the database
      section, where we collect "questions for cardiologists". The aim of this table is: Whenever a member goes to a cardiologist, he or she should ask the cardiologist at least one of the questions of that table in addition to the own questions - or add a new questions plus answer to the table after the cardio visit. - To be honest, it doesn't work too fine, too many members are too good in forgetting about the table, but nevertheless I wouldn't want to miss it. And I'm going to add the question about CoQ10 / Vitamin K and blood thinners in our German table ... I don't know if you think that such a kind of table might be an idea for this list as well ...

      This sounds like a good idea to me. I think it would be good for people, especially new members who are just learning, to know what questions to ask the cardiologist when they go. It can be very daunting and knowing what to ask can make a big difference in the information you get back for your kitty.

      If anyone else knows more about testing the kitties while on blood thinners, let us know.

      Carol and Snowball and the gang
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