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Question about Nattokinase for a little kitten with severe tricuspidal insufficiency

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  • Bettina Schmolla
    Hello there, since I know that there are people here with experiences concerning Nattokinase, maybe there s someone who can help me? My B litter ist 8 weeks
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1 9:11 AM
      Hello there,

      since I know that there are people here with experiences concerning
      Nattokinase, maybe there's someone who can help me?

      My B litter ist 8 weeks and 2 days old now, and I haven't got much luck
      ... The two smallest died when they were only a few days old, Baskahegan
      has a flat chest (X-ray and perhaps ultrasound will be done next Monday,
      he's developing fine, but I want to know what he looks like "inside"), the
      only girl Boon Gaia seems to be healthy, and Burke Rusty's strange heart
      sound was first heard when he was less than 3 weeks old.

      So yesterday we were at the cardiologist, and the result was devastating:
      Severe tricuspidal valve insufficiency with regurgitation through the
      whole atrium and swirls forming at the atrium wall. The right atrium
      diameter ist 3 times as high as the left one (16 mm - 6 mm), so the atrium
      would be even too big for an adult cat. The cardiologist was astonished
      that you wouldn't guess anything if you looked at Burke Rusty. He plays
      normally, is the biggest one of the litter, looks and behaves absolutely
      healthy. Nevertheless we would need a not too small wonder to celebrate
      his 1st birthday next year - the anomaly is simply tooooo severe ...

      But of course I won't give him up before his heart gives up! He's been
      getting his own special homeopathic treatment for about 6 weeks now, and
      we'll continue that. Unfortunately there's no allopathic medication for
      him, for they all work much more in the left part of the heart than in the
      right part. The left side is normal now, and if I started giving him
      medication, I would try to treat the right side while ruining the left
      side ...

      An enlarged right atrium with regurgitation and swirls does not induce
      such a high thrombosis risk as if it was the left atrium, but nevertheless
      the risk is higher than in a healthy cat. So my vet would not prescribe
      Aspirin or somehting like that, but I wonder, if Nattokinase could be
      helpful for my little boy.

      Therefore I've now got some questions, maybe someone in the list has got
      an answer for me?

      1) Does anyone know the dosage for a kitten? Burke Rusty is 8 weeks and 2
      days old now and weighs 1.2 kg, but is of course growing.

      2) In the information that I can find in the internet I read that
      Nattokinase works like an ACEI as well. Have you got experiences with
      this? Can anyone tell me how much it lowers the blood pressure? Is it as
      much as if I gave Enalapril or Benazepril or somehting like that? Or is it
      less? Or "only" different? (And if different, then how?)

      It would be great if anyone had answers to my questions for me! Burke
      Rusty enjoys his life so much and I want to do everything I can to help
      him ...

      Thanks a lot for your help !!!

      Bettina with 3 heart kitties ...
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