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Re: IMPORTANT INFO: Taking CoQ10 with blood thinners

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  • Carol
    hi Bettina, Thank you so much for doing all this research. I have to admit, I don t understand most of it though. What I m gathering is that the interaction
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 31, 2009
      hi Bettina,

      Thank you so much for doing all this research. I have to admit, I don't understand most of it though. What I'm gathering is that the interaction of CoQ10 having vitamin K properties may only be with Coumadin/Warfarin. I've searched and searched so much about this because my mom takes the Coumadin and my cats take CoQ10 and I just don't know for sure what the answers are to this.

      I agree with you about changing food and/or supplements and meds, to always do it very slowly and with the guidance of the vet. Blood thinning and clotting isn't something you want to mess around with.

      What I've done with my mom and the cats is, since they were ALREADY taking CoQ10 and have for years, then were introduced to the blood thinners, I figure that what the docs based their blood thinner dose on was already taking into consideration the CoQ10 in their system, since all the blood tests were done while they were already on CoQ10.

      What I probably wouldn't do, without doing it slowly and under the direct supervision from a qualified cardiologist, is add CoQ10 to a cat that already has been on blood thinners for a long time.

      Now beginning CoQ10 simultaneously with blood thinners...that I'm not sure about either.

      I'd really like to find out for sure if this Vitamin K thing with the CoQ10 only applies to Coumadin/Warfarin, or if it applies to all blood thinners.

      I think that the Vitamin K activity, however much there is, in CoQ10 can't be that much that it would interfere with the blood thinners we give our cats, especially the doses we give. We don't give mega doses of CoQ10, in my opinion, to make any difference.

      But then again, I just don't know for sure.

      This is going to be an ongoing subject I think. I really appreciate the research you did Bettina. I know how long that must have taken. I'm going to put the info as a file in our "Files" section for everyone to access easily.

      Carol and Snowball and the gang
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