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  • jintzr
    Hi Irene, My Ren actually had several heart attacks a year prior to his passing. It did damage his heart, but he didn t seem to notice or care. He ran all
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      Hi Irene,
      My Ren actually had several heart attacks a year prior to his passing. It did damage his heart, but he didn't seem to notice or care. He ran all over the house and climbed cat trees, did what-ever he pleased. My cardiologist had also told me Ren wouldn't live long (might not even make the car ride home), and Ren lived a full year after that. So don't listen to time-lines. Later my cardiologist actually said he just doesn't give time-lines anymore, too many cats and dogs have way out-lived what he would have never guessed possible by years and years.

      Hugs to your Mocachino. Keep out the supplement page for some supplements here we give our heart kitties that seem to help.

      Donna and Ivy, and angel Ren

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, irene Steedman <irenesteedman@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > My name is Irene, and Mocachino is a blue point Snowshoe who will be 9 years old in May.
      > Two weeks ago I noticed he was breathing heavily and took him to the vet on 9th of this month.
      > On examination the vet said that his lungs had collapsed due to a large amount of fluid in his chest.
      > At that time an x-ray was not done as, due to the amount of fluid it would be impossible to get a clear picture. 
      > Mocachino was given an injection to help get the fluid reduced and put on to 40mg daily of Frusemide.  By the 12th, the fluid had still not reduced enough to make an x-ray useful.
      > Eventually, on Monday 14th an x-ray showed up a very enlarged heart. 
      > The vet could not give me a clear diagnoses of the cause but tests had been done regarding the thyroid function, that was normal. We were referred to a feline heart consultant.
      > We saw the consultant on the Wednesday and Mocachino had all tests done including ECG and a heart scan.
      > The consultant stated that Mocachino had had a heart attack and didn't know how he had survived. He also stated that he had seen hundreds of hearts and this was the worst he had ever
      > seen. The part of the heart that had been blocked by a blood clot was completely dead and the rest of his heart was paper thin.  He stated that there was nothing he could do for him and that his heart could stop at any time.  He told me he would see Mocachino in 6 months time but would be very surprised if he was still alive.  The drugs prescribed are Frusemide 20mg daily as the 40mg was a very high dose.  Fortecor 2.5mg.  His kidneys are fine just now and I think this is to protect  them a bit.  Plavix 20mg which is to help prevent further blood clotting.
      > Mocachino has always been a healthy cat and very fit and strong.  He has had to be, with Bobby the Standard Poodle chasing him round the garden.  He has had 6 monthly health checks and nothing untoward has shown up.  It could be conjenital but the consultant stated that a definite cause would only be found out in a post mortem.  If love can keep him alive that won't be an option.
      > My best regards to you all, and your feline friends.
      > Irene and my very precious boy
      > Mocachino
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