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Sabrina is gone

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  • Lynna
    This is such a hard message to send to you. On Tuesday August 28th at 10:22pm our little girl went on her way to Heaven to join her brother Phillip. Her heart
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      This is such a hard message to send to you. On Tuesday August 28th at
      10:22pm our little girl went on her way to Heaven to join her brother

      Her heart just couldn't go on and she took a turn for the worse on
      Monday. By midnight I knew we had to give her the greatest gift of
      sending her on. So we did.

      She went oh so peacefully. I held her and she looked into her
      Daddy's eyes and that was what she went to sleep looking at and
      feeling and hearing us tell her we loved her and she was going to
      sleep with Philly tonight.....the vet had given her a shot of
      tranquilizer and she simply went to sleep.

      We laid her down on the bed and then they administered the shot that
      would send her to heaven. I watched her take her last breath and just

      she did - the song that came on the station we listen to (it is a
      satellite TV station that plays atmosphere music, Sabrina and
      Phillip's favorite) the song that came on was Phil's Irish song. We
      used to say he was Irish and sing Danny Boy to him. Well we have a CD
      of some beautifulIrish songs and the one that came on was from that CD
      and one that Phil loved to hear.

      So we received a beautiful gift. Phillip came to take Sabrina at the
      instant she left us and he sent a message to us via the song that he
      was taking care of his sister and that he was fine too. It was truly a
      miracle moment. It has made her passing much easier for us.

      We put their ashes put together, as we always thought of them as
      a pair and they loved each other even more than they loved us, which
      is saying quite a bit. They are littermates and now will be together
      forever both here in our home and in Heaven.

      The house seems oh so empty. But knowing for sure they are ok and
      together is making this easier.

      We kept her little body with us all night. She slept in her usual
      place between us, with her cute little kitty head on her pillow and we
      petted her and cuddled and talked and cried and napped all night. In
      the morning I stayed on for several hours with her.

      Finally about 12:30 we placed her on her favorite sweatshirt that her
      Daddy bought her when she got ill, and I brushed her and combed her
      and we kissed her all over. I kept a piece of her tummy fur and a
      piece from her front that is the two toned color that was so unique.

      We placed her on her feather bed and I held her in my arms on my lap
      as Jeff drove us to Sunset Pet Services. It was a lovely experience.
      Much like a funeral home, they were respectful and compassionate and
      agreed to cremate Sabrina and then place her ashes in with Phil.

      My heart hurts, but I am glad we were able to release her and did not
      waiver and put her through any last minute life saving efforts. It was
      her time and she has endured so much. We kept to our morals and
      commitment to let her go when the quality of her life dropped below
      whatwas acceptable for the three of us.

      I wanted you to know how much easier this was for me than with what
      happened with Phillip. In many ways the trauma of his death was what
      gave me traumatic stress response. Also we put him in ICU for the last
      three days of his life and that haunts me still. Plus his is the first
      personal death I have ever experienced. Imagine how lucky I am to have
      gotten to 48 and not had to experience death up close like this. God
      has been nice to me.

      I pray daily and have for a long time for him to give me the strength
      to walk my talk and give me the courage to stay the course with
      Sabrina. I am so grateful to God this time instead of being so angry
      with him as I was when Philly died.

      Sabrina and Phillip will live in our hearts and our lives forever and
      ever and the lessons we learned from them are valuable and won't be

      I am simply not up to checking the group for posts, if you are so
      moved, you could email me directly lynna@....
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