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Re: [FH] Re: OT-Maine Coon and CHF

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  • Jill Barclay
    Hi Phyllis. My cat Oscar is a 10 year old brown tabby who has HCM, diabetes, and asthma.  He too is a cat with unknown variety.  He is on Enalapril, and
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      Hi Phyllis. My cat Oscar is a 10 year old brown tabby who has HCM, diabetes, and asthma.  He too is a cat with unknown variety.  He is on Enalapril, and Spirolactalone, and a Cardio Heart Supplement for his HCM.  He is on Lantus Insulin for the Diabetes and takes Flovent for the asthma with an Aro Cat Inhaler.  You would never know that he is sick cause he is a happy lay-ed back cat like Garfield.  I am very lucky that he is fairing very well.  I think all that a cat needs is to get one bad gene from a  parent to get HCM.  Mixed cats get it also. I got to take care of  my friend Angela's MC while she was getting a divorce.  I love MC cats.  Their chirping meow is such a sweet sound and it is really cool that they love water!  Boris even walked on a leash like a dog.    I would not hesitate to get a MC.  Oscar is living proof that this disease can be managed well.  Not to mention the fact he has other problems and is doing so well!  I
      feel blessed that he is a happy dude!!

      Jill and Oscar

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      Hi Vickie

      I wanted to respond to your post because this is near & dear to my own heart. I have 3 cats; two of them are definitely part Maine Coon.. they have every single characteristic of the breed. The third is a cat of unknown variety.

      When I first got the kittens, I read all about HCM because one of the two MC-mixes (Benjamin) would pant whenever he played. He had 2 echoes, one when he was coughing, and one because of the panting... both were 100% clean. (btw: the coughing was due to an upper respiratory infection; the panting was him just playing hard, and I think because of the temperature in my apartment). I was a wreck because he's the BEST cat ever, but I finally calmed down about it.

      Later, I asked my vet if she sees/knows of more incidences of HCM in MCs. She said possibly, but not enough to worry about (she compared it to King Charles spaniels where its more likely they WILL have the disease than not.. its not like that with Maine Coons). One of the reasons that we hear more about HCM in Maine Coons is because of the extensive research that's been done on them, and another reason is that they are a very popular breed. So if more people have the popular MCs living with them, we'll hear more about HCM. I'm not saying its not more prevalent... I'm just saying there are other factors.

      But here's the irony. My 3rd cat (the one of unknown variety) has been diagnosed with early/mild HCM. And he's not a Maine Coon. The other 2 cats are fine, and they will all be 3 years old in July/August.

      You can never predict what will happen when getting a new cat. The best we can do is to keep them in optimal health to support them and keep them strong: proper, species-appropriate diet (which means NO kibble, NO grains), a wise approach to vaccinations (which to me, means NONE), a healthy environment, and annual wellness checks.

      If I were getting a new cat (I WISH I could), I wouldn't hesitate about getting a Maine Coon.

      Hope this helps.


      --- In feline-heart@ yahoogroups. com, "Vickie" <vjunger@... > wrote:
      > Ok, I know I should know this, but one sick cat after another.
      > I've been offered, a 3yo Male Maine Coon. I haven't been sent a
      > pic yet, but the good thing she has taken care of him, and has
      > vet records, unlike a street cats, or one from the pound. This
      > this lady takes in all type of animals, and nurse them.
      > My question one out of how many maine coons, have heart problems.
      > April 12 will be a yr that Baby has been gone, hard to believe its
      > going to be a yr. I do miss having a big furry cat. But I just do
      > not want to have to go down this rode again w/CHF.. Baby was my
      > 2nd cats, the first cat had no signs, and died after having a tooth
      > pulled, ended up he too had RCM/CHF he too looked just like Baby.
      > I have to cats now, Simba going on 15 April 1 (for the little fool he is) and Nala going on 13. Simba was in the ICU b4 xmas, his back legs
      > went out, and they dont know why, but 24hr later he was back to normal.
      > So hard, but I miss having a snuggle bug sleep w/me. these two sleep
      > on the bed, just not w/me. They are like two peas in a pod.. so different from my other cats.
      > Thanks
      > Vickie

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