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Re: [FH] Re: Dylan - Kidney disease now too!

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  • Carol Yonov
    Judi, Tootsie does not have any heart condition that we know of but I wouldn t be surprised as I don t know of her vet ever taking her blood pressure.
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 20, 2009

      Tootsie does not have any heart condition that we know of but I wouldn't be surprised as I don't know of her vet ever taking her blood pressure. However, Mellie (sister to Tootsie, both will be 17 in June) does have a heart condition.

      Mellie's heart condition was discovered when she had strokes one day in early May, 2008. The events were first diagnosed as syncope, then later that day changed to seizures because she had 5 events. A heart murmur was also detected that day for the first time. Her bloodwork that day showed her creatinine to be 1.7 but her bun was one point above normal. Later that month she was seen by a cardiologist who diagnosed very rapid heartbeat (229bpm) which was pulling the mitral valve flap down and over thus partially blocking the outflow of blood from her heart to her body. She was put on atenolol and it was at that appointment that her bloodwork showed her creatinine had risen to 2.6. A month later she was evaluated by a neurologist who found her to have left forebrain damage either from accident, birth defect, stroke, or tumor. On re-exam two months later she was improved by 70% and neuro. then diagnosed her to have had strokes which were slowly healing (sorry, can't think of the correct word here). Once damage to the brain has occurred though, she is now susceptible to seizures.

      My feeling is that not enough attention is paid to the heart. Mellie has always appeared very stressed at the vet's and the vet always felt her rapid heartbeat and slight murmur (which he had never told me about) were stress which eased when she was at home. However, that is not the case. Her heartbeat continued to be rapid until her atenolol dose was doubled a couple weeks after initiating the medication. Her cardiologist wants her to have a heartbeat rate below 160 when in clinic under stress. Mellie's bloodpressure has always been in normal range when at the specialists'. She now sees a feline only vet for bloodpressure checks and Tootsie will see him soon. If Mellie's rapid heartbeat had been addressed years ago my thought is that she would not now have this heart condition.

      Carol and the girls
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      Tootsie and Footsie in the same group! Fun!

      I'd like to ask the group a question; is kidney disease a forgone conclusion for heart kitties? If so, what is it that causes it? Is it a specific med, or just the idea of repeated meds over a period of time...is it the lasix depleting liquid from the system? I would just like to understand if we should expect this development in the future, or if some cats can avoid it. I have had one cat with kidney disease and she didn't do well or last long, I would hate to see Max go through that after all he's had with CHF. Thanks for any input...Judi and Max

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      Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 13:18:18 +0000
      Subject: [FH] Re: Dylan - Kidney disease now too!

      Hi Elaine,

      In addition to the feline-crf-support group there is another very good group called feline-crf-info, I belong to both groups. There is a website with all kinds of helpful info which is kept uptodate by Helen and you really should go there. It is www.felinecrf.org. Helen is the owner of the crf-info group and used to be very involved in the support gorup.

      Our Tootsie was diagnosed with crf in 2002 and we have given her the subq fluids since the end of that year. We were advised to start giving fluids when her creatinine reached 4.0 but fluids are also given for kitties who just aren't doing up to par as when Mellie quit eating last summer. Tootsie also has chronic constipation and just recently we've started her on 1/4 tsp canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) twice daily and it has helped her have bowel movements every other day instead of every third day, we're still working on getting her to daily bm's. Also, zantac has helped some kitties with their motility. We've talked about putting Tootsie on cisapride but haven't tried it yet. Let me know how that goes.

      good luck, Carol and the girls + Cat

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      > I took Dylan (neutered male, 15 years old) to the vet yesterday...he hadn't been himself, without his usual appetite, and his behavior was somewhat lethargic. After the blood test my vet called today with the alarming news that Dylan now has stage 2, approaching stage 3 kidney disease in addition to heart disease and chronic constipation. He has lost 1 LB. since last July, but still weighs a very healthy 16 lbs. He is now taking pepsid 1x daily to help his upset stomach (my vet thinks that is why he isn't eating) in addition to furosemide and cisapirde 2x a day. Any advise and/or encouragement would be appreciated. My vet has suggested sub Q if the pepsid doesn't help. Anyone with experience with this?
      > Thanks for listening,
      > Elaine and Dylan

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