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  • KarenQ
    Rosemary, thanks for all of the info! ... the ERD test (urine) next time you re at the vet.
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 28, 2009
      Rosemary, thanks for all of the info!

      >>If there is suspicion of (emerging) kidney issues, it might be wise to run
      the ERD test (urine) next time you're at the vet.<<
      We did this when Chester had his ultrasound two weeks ago. Our

      >>I'm going to second the suggestion to have a Free T4 EQD run along with
      Total T4.<<
      Also done.

      >>There's information about the calorie content of many cat
      foods in the charts at http://geocities.com/jmpeerson under Diet-Related
      Documents...also on some mfr websites. <<
      Thanks. I'll check this out.

      And thanks also, for all of the food info. I had a severely epileptic dog
      and spent a lot of time throughout his life researching food, and even fed
      him a homemade diet for years, so I'm very interested in learning as much as
      I can about feeding options for Chester and Sammy (our other cat). I do
      feed them small meals spaced out over the day with the dry food left while
      I'm working. It's not a large amount and is balanced with the wet food to
      provide the correct amount of daily nutrition. I don't want them to eat too
      much! Overweight is dangerous, too. J BTW, I don't use the all fish
      flavor. Chester's had a sensitivity to fish based foods for a while. And
      I'll take a look at the Wellness grain-free foods, too.


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