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My cat Sebastian Diagnosed HOCM 2-2-09

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  • cluvaughn28 dejazzd.com
    1.         Your name: Hi, My name is Elaine I m located in the Lancaster area in PA 2.         Your cat s name: My cat s name is
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2009
      1.         Your name: Hi, My name is Elaine I'm located in the Lancaster area in PA 2.         Your cat's name: My cat's name is Sebastian 3.         Your cat's age and gender: Sebastian is a 10 year old Snowshoe with big beautiful blue eyes and seal-point coloring 4.         Your cat's diagnosis (if known): Sabi has been steadily losing weight since mid-2007, he weighed 19 lbs in mid 2007, in December 2008 he weighed 11.3 and as of January 2009 he weighed in at 10 1/2 lbs. At first his weight lose seemed like a good thing, he needed to lose weight and I was happy, at firat, then he started losing muscle in his legs and shoulders and started to look like he was aging.... his body has the appearence of a frail senior cat, not a healthy mid life 10 year old should. He has a voracious appetite and eats from my cat feeders everytime Sabi enters a room with food. (When my mom passed away in 2007 I inherited her cats so now I have 10 cats total so need multiple feeders, litter boxes and water fountains)  He started drinking more water than usual around October 2008... I had full bloodwork & urinalysis drawn for him 2x in December 2008... because both times he has almost perfect levels in everything. He was Negative for Thyroid disease even though 2 vets have felt an enlarged  nodule in his neck. He was Negative for diabetes, and every other thing I thought may be causing his weight lose. I just took him in for a month review and he had x-rays taken. His heart was enlarged so I took him to a Cardiologist and he was diagnosed with HOCM, but his weight lose is not connected and still has yet to be diagnosed. He had blood and urine drawn yesterday and they hope to get different results for the thyroid test since he has EVERY symptom of Hyperthyroid disease. The cardiologist hopes so too since it would explain his HOCM and help stabilize him to start gaining weight and muscle back. I hate to be hoping for thyroid disease but sine it is so treatable and would explain his hearts condition, it is the ideal end result right now. Otherwise I have to take him to an internist and pray she can figure out what is happening... after putting him through tons more tests! I just feel bad for my little guy and want to help him get better. 5.         How long your cat has had this diagnosis: 1 day (since 2-2-09) 6.         What medications you cat is taking: He is currently on 1/4 of a 25mg on Antenolol (Beta Blocker)
       7.         What supplements your cat is taking: NONE 8.         Other treatments (acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, etc.): NONE

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    • Carol
      Hi Elaine, Have any of the vets mentioned kidney disease? All the symptoms you re describing are the same as with chronic renal failure (CRF)... the weight
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 3, 2009
        Hi Elaine,

        Have any of the vets mentioned kidney disease? All the symptoms
        you're describing are the same as with chronic renal failure (CRF)...
        the weight loss, losing muscle mass, the excessive drinking. The
        appetite to me says hyperthyroid too. My Snowball is hyperT too.

        You should have the vets run a Free T4 to get a more accurate reading
        on the thyroid. Often the regular thyroid test that they do with a
        regular blood panel isn't sensitive enough to catch it. Snowball was
        normal on all her blood panels for her thyroid, but she had all the
        symptoms of hyperT with the wanting to eat all the time and losing
        weight (she's also CRF too). When we did the Free T4 her thyroid
        numbers were through the roof, and her regular T4 on the regular
        blood panel were smack dab in the middle of normal range.

        There is another test, the T3 Supression, that can be done too. We
        did that for Snowball too, just to cover all the bases. There is a
        vet in southern California who specializes in testing for thyroid
        disease. Her name is Dr. Jean Dodds. You can have your vet draw and
        prepare the blood and then you can send it to her lab for testing.
        Here's a link to the info on that.


        I hope you get some definite answers with this latest round of
        testing for Sebastian.

        Carol and Snowball and the gang
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