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Re: [FH] Re:Afraid to keep giving Prenisolone to Mama - any ideas?

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  • Pat
    Hi Faye; ... From: Elegantzebra ... I must presume, here, that you have never had to follow a specific protocol set up by the
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 2, 2009
      Hi Faye;

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      From: "Elegantzebra" <elegantzebra@...>
      > Personally, if it were my cat I would stop the Pred - it does nothing to
      > help, just covers up symptoms. My cat is highly allergic to it and gets
      > very sick with it - >since 7 years ago. I refuse to give steroids. If
      > you decide not give her - stop it slowly - not all at once, cut down over
      > maybe 3 days or so. If you just started it, >it may be OK to just stop.
      > JMO

      I must presume, here, that you have never had to follow a specific
      "protocol" set up by the experts in the oncology field. I had posted Max's
      site to show two specific protocols, and on that page I noted that when we
      changed one item in one of the protocols, Max ended up succombing to
      paralysis, which meant he was then on a slippery slope he could not recover.

      When one is dealing with cancer it is a very different proposition to drop
      even one drug given specifically along with other drugs to have a certain
      effect on cancerous cells, which is much different than the regular masking
      process that happens. As I stated in a previous posting, we made the choice
      you are suggesting in that we dropped the prednisone, for the same reasons,
      and Max's cancer came back whereas another cat that has stayed with the
      correct protocol still hasn't come out of remission.

      Pat and all the boys.
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