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Re: [FH] No BM - Second enema or suppository?

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  • galenarizona
    I want to thank all of you for your input in this matter - I am happy to say we only had to do the last enema 10 days ago. Since then I have been massaging her
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 17, 2008
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      I want to thank all of you for your input in this matter - I am happy
      to say we only had to do the last enema 10 days ago. Since then I
      have been massaging her colon 2ce a day and since 12/9 she has had a
      Bm - they started small and firm then Sun the second piece was moist,
      Monday the whole thing was moist, small but moist and tues morn she
      had one bright and early in the am the first thing when I put her in
      the potty box.

      She stopped wanting the science diet a couple days after she was on
      it - now all she will eat is tuna in water. Water consumption is up,
      but instad of tap water now she only wants filtered (interesting -
      used to be she would only frink tap) and we have been doing subq's
      ever other day for the past week - not sure if that is a forever
      thing or not - will ask the vet when I finish with this "batch"

      had our 3rd acupunture session - and still not walking, she can crawl
      where she wants but when she takes that step her feet go under her.
      I will look into the Bowen technique. The challenge with Mommy is
      that her "thigh" (upper leg) is working, but below her "knee" is not -
      The vet can't figure that out because she has the femoral pulse
      back, she will strech her leags, pull them away from you but won't
      walk on her feet. I have been doing range of motion excercises since
      this happened (the day before turkey day). We also started the
      excercise on a ball that Meredith mentioned. When she does that one,
      her rear legs come off the ground and when they hit the ground again
      her right leg/foot moves backward to the original position - left leg
      is still weak. Any input on PT would be great. The holistic vet is
      calling an animal PT person to see if he works with cats.

      Thing is she is not giving up, she eats, drinks, pees, poos, crawls
      to where she wants to be etc, so I cannot give up - I just want her
      to be mobile so she can get around easier.

      Thanks for listening.
      Gail & Mommy

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      > Hi Gail,
      > In a message dated 12/9/08 3:45:31 PM, galenarizona@... writes:
      > > Somehow I missed all the info below the natto
      > >
      > No problem. Things happen.
      > > I am fairly certain the issue with the constipation is lack of
      > >
      > This is a real important point....b/c constipation is about both
      lack of
      > water in volume terms (which gets exacerbated when the cat isn't
      eating, b/c cats
      > get most of the moisture from food) and imbalance of water/solids
      in the
      > waste. So we need to address both (which is tricky with heart
      disease b/c can't
      > give subQs readily). But slippery elm can be helpful in changing
      water balance,
      > gently. And you can give it multiple times per day, as needed...tho
      I think
      > it's usually wise to start slow, with 1x/day, of about 50-100mg.
      > > along with the fact that she is not moving so her colon is not
      > > stimulated.
      > >
      > Right, true. There is another remedy to stimulate the colon (as
      opposed to
      > affecting water balance or lubricating). It's pure aloe vera inner-
      leaf juice or
      > whole-leaf gel (no sodium benzoate, no aloin, no emodin). We use
      Lily of the
      > Desert brand...and did for a few yrs b/c our cat had nerve damage.
      Just like
      > 5-10 drops 1-2x/day helped stimulate motion. Aloe vera is like $3-4
      for 16
      > oz...and available at many health food stores (or on the net). It's
      > tasteless, so we could put the drops right in food. (I would not
      use George's,
      > which has the polysaccharides distilled out, or any product with
      > benzoate, herbs, flavorings, etc.)
      > > I do realize the A/D is temporary, but I read a post from Monkey's
      > > mom who said Monkey hadn't had an unassisted BM for a month until
      > > gave science A/D, and also read it was good for recovering cats,
      > > hence the decision to put her on it
      > >
      > And I think Meredith's Monkey was on it for a while. You do what
      you gotta
      > do. Hill's a/d is promoted for sick/inappetant cats b/c it's a very
      > formula...basically chicken with a little starch (one of the least
      offensive things
      > Hill's makes), so it's potentially less upsetting to the system
      than a more
      > complex formula. It's not that much diff. from pure meat baby food,
      which many
      > caregivers use (and I actually like better...something like
      BeechNut chicken
      > or turkey and broth...which has nothing else in it but meat and
      water). Hill's
      > a/d is 32 cal/oz...baby food meat is around the same.
      > > Re: water orally, I choose to do that Sat afternoon - 20ml (minus
      > > what got all over us) - she doesn't like it, go figure, but I
      think I
      > > am going to do it tonight again.
      > >
      > Hehe. By and large cats aren't real interested in having the big
      human stick
      > something in their mouths. But we can communicate (with
      > what we're doing and why, asking for cooperation and patience, etc)
      and visualize
      > and be super-relaxed in body language and maybe use some flower
      essences to
      > help with acceptance and calm. We can also do gentle
      desensitization, touching
      > the cat's mouth on and off thru the day with our fingers, letting
      the cat
      > cheek mark on *her* syringe, etc to make it less of an intrusion.
      > >
      > > Her thyroid was just checked 2 months ago and is in normal range
      > > at that point she was back up to her weight prior to the
      > >
      > Ok, great.
      > >
      > > We have made small progrees this week though - regular vet and I
      > > seen her take 2 small steps on her right leg before it flips
      under and she
      > > stood on all four legs for a few seconds friday night.
      > >
      > Excellent!!!! Not that this has any bearing on your situation other
      than a
      > hopeful word about the value of acupuncture...but 2 dogs stand out
      in my mind
      > from our vet's practice. One was a Boston terrier paralyzed from a
      vax. The
      > other was a dachsund whose spine had been damaged in an accident.
      Both dogs
      > regained full use of their legs...and acupuncture had a lot to do
      with it (our vet
      > used many modalities on these dogs...but acupuncture played a big
      > Another interesting technique for situations like this is Bowen
      > which basically "resets" the nerves and thereby helps restore
      > damaged/painful/stiff muscles, joints, etc. There are practitioners
      using it with animals (not
      > many...but maybe one near you).
      > Continued recovery for Mommy. // Rosemary
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