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Re: [FH] diarrhea question

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Vickie, ... Might by thyroid...or diabetes...or parasites...or lack of sufficient food...or bowel inflammation...or other. ... Possible, but many other
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2008
      Hi Vickie,

      In a message dated 11/30/08 9:46:33 PM, VickieJunger@... writes:

      > Well he eats, but is thin, I'm thinking a thyroid problem
      Might by thyroid...or diabetes...or parasites...or lack of sufficient
      food...or bowel inflammation...or other.

      > but he had
      > diarrhea, so I really thinking thyroid..??
      Possible, but many other things can contribute to thinness and diarrhea.

      > is there anything natural
      > to help treat this. 
      Yes. HIgh-quality, well-balanced, species-appropriate diet with animal
      proteins and fats, limited to no plant carbohydrates, and 60-80% moisture. This will
      provide the building blocks he needs to rebuild and maintain his body...and
      also reduce risk of health problems, incl adverse reaction to food ingredients
      (such as grains, fish, soy, etc).

      Additionally, 2 generally effective and low-risk remedies for cats with
      diarrhea are slippery elm bark (50-100mg per dose, 1-4x/day) and non-dairy (or
      trace dairy), mixed-strain, highish-potency (about 2 billion organisms per unit)
      probiotics from a reputable supplier (such as UAS Labs DDS or Natural Factors
      12/12 or similar), with as few extra ingredients as possible. There are a
      number of other remedies...such as L-glutamine and Standard Process Feline Enteric
      Support etc...but slippery elm and probiotics are a good place to start.

      Also getting him checked out when possible with blood, urine, and fecal

      > He sneeze from time to time, but think he
      > has allergies
      Might be an allergy-type reaction to something in the environment (incl
      food)...but might also be an upper resp. infection (acute or chronic).

      > except
      > for his belly, is getting bigger
      Again, parasites might be a possibility.

      > and he doesn't eat as much at one
      > time
      By and large, cats don't eat much at one time. They have evolved eating many
      small meals per day...up to about 15...which makes sense since their
      evolutionary diet is prey animals that are *about* 1 oz. So eating small amts
      frequently is natural small cat behavior and synchs up with the cat's metabolism, which
      basically doesn't shut off.
      > so for the diarrhea, what should I go w/slippy elm, pumpkin or
      > babyfood.  which works faster.
      Hard to say which will work faster (or work at all) b/c we don't know why the
      cat has diarrhea. Both slippery elm bark and pumpkin (or similar vegetables)
      provide soluble fiber, which is what works on the water balance in the gut.
      They have diff. tastes and diff. compositions, so one might be more appealing to
      a cat or effective for the cat than the other...providing, that is, that
      water balance is the key to the problem. If the cat has diarrhea b/c of a rampant
      infection or parasites, for example, soluble fiber may be somewhat limited in
      its ability to overcome the problem. Baby food meat is a generally palatable
      source of calories and nutrients in a simple form for inappetant cats...but do
      esn't address diarrhea per se. // Rosemary

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