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Re: [FH] Fat in raw food

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  • Pat
    Hi Bettina; ... From: Bettina Schmolla ... Remember that I am quoting what Deb was stating in a presentation this past
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 28, 2008
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      Hi Bettina;

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      From: "Bettina Schmolla" <bettina.schmolla@...>
      > Fortunately my cats (and many other German cats who get "normal" raw food
      > with app. 1/3 fat 2/3 proteine in the meat part of the food - but no or
      > only very little carb) seem not to know this! ;-)

      Remember that I am quoting what Deb was stating in a presentation this past
      summer at a veterinary conference held here. When I mention altering, (aka
      gonadectomy), I am quoting what she was saying to the vets, (the few that
      turned up to listen to a nutrition related speach), and for me, the equation
      of altering a cat to humans going through stages of life where hormones
      change made sense, just as it appeared to for the rest of the audience.
      There are studies out there, done recently on cats, showing the changes in
      leptin levels with what is usually referred to as "gonadectomy" in the
      abstracts if you are looking for them. Another hormone she didn't have time
      to touch on was ghrelin, for example, which is also receiving a lot of
      attention at present in human RDA circles. Deb's presentation had a whole
      pie chart shaped graphic showing a number of hormones related to
      age/gonadectomy and obesity.

      There are also studies connecting higher serum lipid count with insulin
      resistance, (see below). I wasn't taking Deb's word for it, even though I
      spent a major amount of money to listen to the best resource on feline
      nutrition that will probably ever pass our way.

      > It's a longer time ago that I read Deb Zoran's articles, so I don't
      > remember them precisely.

      The information she was passing along was supported by very recent research,
      so what she is saying now may not match what you remember from the past. I
      was given permission to pass along the outline for her presentation but
      don't remember if I put it in the Files section of the Heart group or not.

      >(I don't
      > count carb since I only use as much of it as needed as fiber for a good
      > digestion).

      We have to watch carb intake as we have a diabetic cat in our midst. As I
      always like to know the science behind statements I looked up some of the
      information on carbohydrate intake that Deb mentioned should be "moderate"
      accompanied by the low fat, and found studies such as the following:

      "These data provide evidence that in cats, high dietary fat, but not
      carbohydrate, induces weight gain and a congruent increase in insulin, while
      GX increases sensitivity to weight gain induced by dietary fat."
      "No post-prandial hyperglycaemia was seen in the 10 diabetic cats during a
      2-h period following the ingestion of typical cat foods. "

      These studies confirmed what we have seen in Hamlet's glucose curves with
      his frequent small meals:

      > For a cat with kidney problems I would give more fat,

      Personally I would like to see the science behind the choices before making
      them for our boys.

      JMHO.........Pat and all the boys.
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