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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Jessica, ... I m sorry Dante is having problems. What does Dante eat (brand, flavor, canned or dry)? Food plays a major role in digestive and skin
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 2008
      Hi Jessica,

      In a message dated 10/22/08 12:18:53 PM, jessbaiera@... writes:

      > Dante recently lost a pound and is having trouble keeping food down. Plus
      > to
      > top it off he started stress scratching- he ripped of a large patch of
      > fur and skin.
      I'm sorry Dante is having problems. What does Dante eat (brand, flavor,
      canned or dry)? Food plays a major role in digestive and skin health...and
      "allergens" in food (eg corn, soy, fish, yeast) are primary contributing factors to
      such symptoms as vomiting and excessive scratching.

      In addition to species-appropriate nutrition, there are ways to help support
      the digestive system and skin. Eg, for dig. system upset, there are remedies
      such as slippery elm bark (which caregivers also use to help minimize negative
      effects of the synthetic medications) and probiotics. Also Standard Process
      Feline Enteric Support. To support the skin topically, there are things like
      pure aloe vera inner-leaf juice (no sodium benzoate, no aloin, no emodin...like
      Lily of the Desert brand), which can help reduce irritation.

      > I'm going to switch him to a holistic treatment in hopes it makes
      > him feel better and that it might have positive results.
      An integrative approach...using appropriate treatments from different
      disciplines (conventional and complementary)...gives us more tools to work with in
      helping the cats. Eg, a technique such as NAET can help with allergy-type
      reactions (to food and other substances). So it's great you're considering that. If
      you're looking for an integrative vet to work with, there are a number of
      directories...the main one is at www.holisticvetlist.com.
      > Would it
      > be ok to start with one a day and work up to two?
      I think it's wise with cats to generally start small and work up, esp if the
      cat is having dig. problems. It's also important to look at the mg content of
      all the ingredients, to make sure that doubling the amt is what you want to do
      for all of them...and also check the amts against any other supplement you
      plan to give (eg NuCat).
      > I was also going to order Nu-Cat, as a multivitamin. Is this ok to
      > give with the Cardio-strength?
      Yes (in the abstract, altho any cat may react to any combination). I think
      the tablet form of NuCat is less potentially problematic than the liquid or
      chews, esp for a cat with dig. problems.
      > Nattokinase-- Anyone know where I can find this?
      Some health food stores. It's also sold at such online suppliers as
      > What else should I be giving him?
      VetriScience CardioStrength is a bit light on Q10, at 20mg per capsule. So if
      you plan on giving more Q10 than 20 (or eventually 40, if you double it), it
      might be good to get an extra bottle of Q10.
      > Can these supplements be found in any stores?
      VetriScience cannot. But you can order it online...and some integrative vets
      carry their products.

      > we're limited on the kinds of stores we actually have( no Whole
      > Foods, Vitiman Shoppe, etc), but if I can buy these some where, I
      > think starting him with them would be sooner the better.
      There aren't a lot of health food stores near me, either...so I generally buy
      thru an online supplier (for us and the cats, so I can qualify for free
      shipping or make the shipping charge worthwhile). // Rosemary

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