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  • moonpye
    Hi Ramme, welcome to the group! What a wonderful family you have!:) We have very helpful files and links, they are on the left of the home page. In the links
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2008
      Hi Ramme, welcome to the group!

      What a wonderful family you have!:)

      We have very helpful files and links, they are on the left of the home page.

      In the links are our FAQ's.

      Candace with Cinnamon and Skylar:)

      On 9/2/08, rameeguy1 <raguy091600@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone! I am the cat mom of 6 beautiful kitties. I am also
      > the foster mom of 1 sweet kitten! (Yes I have a houseful!) My cats
      > are:
      > -Mac 8 yr old Tuxedo Male (named after McDonalds as that is where I
      > managed to catch him with the help of a sausage biscuit when he was
      > around 10 wks old!)
      > -Little Bit 7 Yr old White and Grey Tabby Male with Blue Eyes. (We
      > catnapped him from our previous neighbors 3 yr old child who kept
      > bathing him in Baby Oil and putting him in her swimming pool. Yes
      > we tried to talk to her mom about it but seeing as the little girl
      > kept doing it, we had to take action so we took him with us!)
      > -Snickers 4 Yr Old DLH Black Female with ATTITUDE! (Yes she is
      > named after a Candy bar. I will tell that story a little later on
      > as it is all started with my Angel Kitty Kit Kat)
      > -Twix 3 yr old Tabico Female. UnSociable with People. (I found her
      > at a Convenience Store the day after Kit Kat died. I had swore off
      > getting any other cats but low and behold I heard this little 5 wk
      > old kitten screaming for food and I had to catch her and keep her!)
      > -Oreo 2 yr old White and Black with some Tabby Spots Female. (She
      > is Little Bit's Daughter. We didn't get Little Bit Neutered due to
      > the fact he never sprayed or tried to fight other cats. Then he
      > helped give us Oreo and we had him FIXED. Oreo was born on my
      > grandmother's Birthday.)
      > -Kitten is 8 wks old and a Black Tortie with some gray roots. She
      > is very funky looking. We are still trying to come up with a name
      > for her. (I got her at Animal Control when someone tried to turn
      > her in as a 7 day old kitten. They were going to put her to sleep
      > so she came home with me.)
      > -Romeo is a 18 wk old Foster Kitten. (He was pulled from Animal
      > Control with 22 other kittens and 4 cats. He has gone through so
      > much health wise with URI and Conjunctivivtis and Coccidia all at
      > the same time!)
      > -Angel Lizzie was a Black Tortie and was my first ever bottle baby.
      > She lived to be 8. She had a Murmur. She ended up dying from a
      > Pulmonary Embolism.
      > -Angel Kit Kat was a Calico. She was actually named Kitty Kat as we
      > also catnapped her from a neighbor that decided to leave her out in
      > the middle of the summer without food or water. (They didn't want
      > her anyway we later came to find out.) She had congestive heart
      > failure and died at the age of 3. Everyone thought we named her
      > after the candy bar Kit Kat. So when we got the last few cats
      > wehave gone with Candy/Sweet Names to keep the tradition.
      > Currently I have 2 Heart Special Kitties. Oreo has a Slight Heart
      > Murmur. Romeo is having some heart issues that we are in the
      > process of getting diagnosed. He has to go for an Ultrasound on the
      > 11th of this month.
      > Well this is my LONG Winded Story! I am happy to have found a group
      > where I can vent, and learn things and options about my cats heart
      > health!

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