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  • Kathy Wood
    Barbara, My heart goes out to you. Know that Bo has made Heaven a littel brighter as have all our babies that are no longer with us. Hold on to those
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2008
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      My heart goes out to you. Know that Bo has made Heaven a littel
      brighter as have all our babies that are no longer with us. Hold on to
      those precious memories.......their love never leaves our hearts.
      God bless you & may He enjoy Bo as you did.
      k & s-

      Barbara Kraus wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > First, my sympathies to all who have lost a cat recently - to Tracey for
      > Barney, Susan for Cooter, Nicole for Reeses... I share your pain and
      > sorrow
      > at losing your friends and especially share it now as Bo went to the
      > Rainbow
      > Bridge on August 23. I haven't been able to bring myself to write before
      > today.
      > As I written, he was diagnosed with acromegaly (presumptive) and end stage
      > CHF. She had recommended putting him down as soon as I got back from a
      > business trip but we put him on the heart drugs, tweaked the dosages,
      > continued tube feeding him and giving him fluids. In a month, he hadn't
      > sniffed food or shown any interest in drinking, except for one time. He
      > didn't want to be handled or loved on, just wanted to lay in the back
      > of the
      > closet and got upset when I tried to pick him up. We felt like he had pain
      > in the abdominal area, possibly from a vastly enlarged pancreas. A
      > week ago
      > Friday, he had explosive vomiting and diarrhea, and with the lack of
      > response to any treatments, I just couldn't put him through anymore. A
      > month before, he had been a normal cat with a couple of chronic illnesses
      > and getting finicky about eating. I can't believe how quickly things
      > changed and know that Susan and Lisa had the same shocks with Cooter and
      > Alex.
      > Bo came to the Dallas SPCA as a Hurricane Katrina evacuee (his
      > official name
      > there was Hurricane Katrina #10). He had a heart murmur when I got him at
      > the age of 10 (I actually adopted him as the oldest cat at the SPCA, not
      > because he was an evacuee; I'd just lost an almost 19yo cat and wanted to
      > honor her memory by adopting the oldest cat at the shelter). Bo was
      > sometimes known as Rooney, Big Daddy (appropriate for a southern gent,
      > don't
      > you think?), Dooberman, and Mr. Poosters. He died from congestive heart
      > failure on August 23. I only had him for a bit more than 2.5 years and
      > I've
      > been through this enough to know that no matter how much time you have
      > with
      > a beloved animal, it is never enough.
      > If he had been with me when Hurricane Gustav was approaching New
      > Orleans, I
      > could have told him that he would never again have to live through
      > something like that and that I could always protect him from hurricanes. I
      > just couldn't protect him from him own body.
      > He was as healthy as a cat with acromegaly, heart problems, and
      > pancreatitis
      > could be until a month before he died and we every thing we possibly could
      > for him. I just felt the time was right - how long can you keep a cat
      > going who is not only not responding but getting worse? Still, I'll always
      > second-guess myself if I said good-by at the right time.
      > Hugs and sympathy to all who have lost their cats and thanks to
      > everyone to
      > responded to my questions and helped me feel like I wasn't alone in trying
      > to make him better.
      > Love and thanks to all,
      > Barbara
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