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Re: wondering about lasix dosage.

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  • dbianca23
    thanks, i ll pick up some rutin. he didn t have a chest tap, just lasix, not sure why they didn t do it because he had a mass of fluid outside the lungs as
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2008
      thanks, i'll pick up some rutin. he didn't have a chest tap, just lasix, not sure why they
      didn't do it because he had a mass of fluid outside the lungs as well. the lasix 2x a day is
      working pretty good though, i think i'll stick with that - it doesn't seem to affect his
      appetite at all. i should probably try to get him back to his reg food, he's eating at least 6
      cans of fancy feast a day! glad to know the breaths per minute now. it has been really hot
      and humid here the past few days, so i'll try to keep him closer to the a/c. he likes to have
      his bed by the back door because we're outside with the kids all day.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "tabbyandpeachy" <oceanbreeze1@...> wrote:
      > Hi not sure if i have replied to you before but, does Boo Boo have
      > chyl? Have fluids been removed from his lungs? if so where the fluids
      > white thick sometimes bloody tinge?
      > What I give Tabby for fluids is 12.5 lasix split 2x a day, also Rutin
      > 500 mg 2x daily, Rutin (found at health food store or online) closes
      > up the leaky cells that cause the chyl fluids on the lungs. this has
      > kept Tabby fluid free since he was diagnosed and at deaths door 3
      > months ago. If he does cough during the day in between I will give an
      > extra 1/2 lasix.
      > 50 breaths per minute is fast idealy around 30 is good. Not sure
      > where you live but, if it is still hot and humid as it is here try to
      > keep him in a cool dry place as the heat/humidity is not very good
      > for them.
      > That is great to hear he has such a great appetite!
      > Hope Boo Boo is feeling better
      > any questions please fell free to email me
      > Patty
      > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "dbianca23" <DBIANCA23@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > it's been 2 wks since boo-boos' heart failure and initial diagnosis
      > of hcm. he came home
      > > taking 1/2 of a 20 mg lasix every 12 hrs. because he wasn't eating
      > well the cardio said to do
      > > only a 1/2 tab every day (only 10 mg per day). i took him to his
      > regular vet for a tube feeding
      > > and he started cypro and a new fancy feast diet, now he's up to 5
      > or so cans a day - great! he
      > > went back to the cardio this past wed, his blood work looked good
      > and he started enalapril.
      > > now last night before i went to bed i noticed he was breathing
      > fast, so i gave him a 1/2 lasix.
      > > he's still breathing pretty rapid, so i think i'm going to give him
      > the 1/2 a tab every 8-12 hrs.
      > > i'm sure i'll call the card about this as well, but i'm just
      > wondering how this sounds to you
      > > guys? isn't the 10 mg lasix daily a really small amount? is there a
      > way to gauge his breathing
      > > by counting his respirations? i've counted 50 per minute. i
      > *really* need to avoid him going
      > > back in with full lungs. we paid $3000. just 2 weeks ago and a trip
      > back in will be another
      > > $2000. - we absolutely can't do that. i've discussed this with our
      > primary vet and we came to
      > > the conclusion that if he fills up with fluid again that i'd be
      > bringing him in to be put down.
      > > i'd really love to be able to manage this at home.
      > >
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