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Re: [FH] Glad I found you guys

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  • lorkatz2004
    ... I am so sorry for the loss of Giles......it is never easy to lose a soul cat. The use of supplements greatly increase the quality of life for our heart
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 1, 2008
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      I am so sorry for the loss of Giles......it is never easy to lose a
      soul cat.

      The use of supplements greatly increase the quality of life for our
      heart cats. You can avoid clots by using nattokinase 50mg and
      coenzyme 30mg will help improve the heart.

      Think about giving them a try.........

      Good luck

      In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Gina Fayne <smudgepooka@...> wrote:
      > Please accept my condolences on the loss of your little one. The
      shock of that kind of unexpected death can be overwhelming.
      > It is very important that you take his sister to a board certified
      cardilogist. Remember that she has a 50% chance of NOT having this
      disease. But either way, in the long run, it is better to know what
      is going on.
      > My little guy was diagnosed 6 weeks ago while looking for a totally
      different problem. I understand that knowing he has and treating him
      for HCM will not change the final outcome, but I am hopeful to have
      some extra quality time with Pete or at least make his life more
      comfortable. Please don't let fear keep you from getting the
      information you need.
      > --- On Fri, 8/1/08, kushii59 <kushii59@...> wrote:
      > From: kushii59 <kushii59@...>
      > Subject: [FH] Glad I found you guys
      > To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, August 1, 2008, 8:13 AM
      > Hi!
      > I am new to this group. In January of 2008, life as I knew it
      > ended. My much beloved sphynx was abruptly taken from me at the age
      > of 5 yrs. Much too young. He was just a wonderful little baby.
      > My daughter was home on Christmas break from college. I came home
      > from work, and she said she smelled 'poop'. Well, even with 5 cats,
      > this is not a common smell in our house. So, I sent her down to the
      > litterboxes to see if there was a fresh 'deposit'. She fantically
      > called to come quickly to the family room. My husband and I rushed
      > down the stairs and there was Giles. He was paralyzed in the hind
      > legs. He had vomited, peed and pooped. He was trying to crawl away
      > from his 'mess'.
      > Poor baby.......
      > I immediately scooped him up in a soft blanket, called the vet and
      > off we raced. He purred and smooshed me the whole time.
      > They made him comfortable with meds. They took a chest xray and
      > confirmed he had HCM.
      > He peacefully died in my arms as I was kissing him and telling him
      > how much he is loved and how I am going to miss him, I let him know
      > how much love and joy he has given me.
      > Oh God, does it get easier? It has been 7 months and I think of him
      > often. I miss his little voice. I miss his smell. I miss his
      > weight on my lap. I miss so much of him. I miss him.
      > I know I have 4 other cats, but I would miss them the same. I can
      > tell you, I am enjoying them more. As I have learned, life is too
      > short.
      > I am in a quandry..... ...I have a full sister different breeding to
      > him. I have just had the strength/courage to fully research this
      > dz. I am finding that it is genetic. I do not know if she has HCM.
      > What do I do about my little girl? I cannot 'cure' her. I do not
      > want to prolong her life if it is not a good quality of life. What
      > do you suggest? I want what is best for her. God gave me these
      > babies to take care of to the best of my abitities. I need
      > direction, please!!
      > In closing, I have to say that the anquish of finding a much loved
      > pet dying never leaves your mind. It was/is awful.
      > My heart is just aching.
      > Thanks for listening,
      > Rose
      > Sorry if this is long but I know you guys understand.
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