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Re: [FH] Digest Number 4021 - thanks from Hobo

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Lisa, ... Ok. I m glad they re eating higher-quality meat-based food. Not tickled about the rice in the California Natural...which contributes about 14% of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2008
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      Hi Lisa,

      In a message dated 6/29/08 8:48:16 AM, lisa17jason@... writes:

      > In terms of food, I am alternating between California Natural Chicken &
      > Rice and Evo Venison (both canned foods). My other cat loves chicken, and Hobo
      > likes Venison, so switching it up usually works ok.
      Ok. I'm glad they're eating higher-quality meat-based food. Not tickled about
      the rice in the California Natural...which contributes about 14% of calories
      from carbohydrate (the evolutionary diet contains about 5% and desirable is
      under 10%). But up to you.

      > I have started to add water to the food this week. I am also giving
      > pepcid (famotidine) once or twice a day to help with the tummy.
      There may be some concern about the cat kidney's ability to get rid of
      famotidine over time. So if slippery elm works, that might be a lower-risk choice.

      > I have slippery elm bark but it's kind of old (>1 year at least) so I
      > don't know if I should buy a fresh batch.
      It's inexpensive...like $5 per bottle and even less if you buy in bulk...so
      it might be worthwhile getting fresh.

      > am trying to put out small portions of food several times per day so that
      > he always has something available.

      > I don't have all the details from his latest bloodwork, but here's what I
      > do have:
      > in 8/07, his BUN was 38 and creatinine 3.9
      > in 1/08 his BUN was 38 and creatinine 3.4
      > in 6/08 his BUN was 75 and creatinine 6.1 (so it doubled in 6 months!)
      This is getting up there, certainly...so subQ fluids or increased hydration
      might be a good idea.

      >     vet said his phosphate and everything else from bloodwork was within
      > normal limits
      This is what I'm concerned about. The typical ref range for phosphorus is
      2.4-8.2mg/dL...but the desirable range is around 4.0 mg/dL. So a cat's phos.
      value can be "within normal limits" and still be not optimal. So it might be a
      good idea to get a copy of the results from the vet...and double check the phos.
      There's information about phos. and the use of phos. binders at
      http://members.verizon.net/%7Evze2r6qt/supplies/binders.htm. One excerpt:

      "Dr. Nagode recommends treating animals with phosphorus values over 6 with
      aluminum hydroxide binders....Please note that a phosphorus value of 6 is within
      the "normal range" of many veterinary laboratories for cats -- Dr. Nagode
      advises that those "normal ranges" average the ranges for both kittens and cats
      and that adult cats should be treated for values of 6 or over."

      > we'll be doing a urine culture next week
      Great. Cultures looks for bacteria. Another value that's very important with
      kidney issues is urine specific gravity. Protein, too.
      > Right now the vet is suggesting just 100ml twice per week, then gradually
      > increasing it if needed as he tolerates it.
      There's two approaches to this: bigger volume less often and lower volume
      more often. With a cardiac cat (and just in general), the latter makes more
      sense. Vets sometimes recommend the former b/c it's easier for the caregiver and
      theoretically less stress for the cat, tho we can do a lot to make subQs a
      comfortable experience.

      > So we're back to me having to give him the pills one by one by mouth.
      Are you giving him a little food treat or syringe of water afterward so that
      the pill moves down the esophagus?? Some quality treats are 100% dehydrated
      meats (eg Halo Liv-A-Littles or Whole Life Pet)...and many cats go for those. Or
      even a little blob of cat food works...with a tiny amt of the treat sprinkled
      on top if the cat likes it. // Rosemary

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