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thanks from Hobo

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  • Lisa Locke-Downer
    Thank you to all for your wonderful advice about subQ fluids and managing CRF + HCM for my Hobo! I am going to study all the links you sent and hopefully
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2008
      Thank you to all for your wonderful advice about subQ fluids and
      managing CRF + HCM for my Hobo! I am going to study all the links you
      sent and hopefully develop a good treatment plan for him.

      To answer some of the questions that you posed...
      terms of food, I am alternating between California Natural Chicken
      & Rice and Evo Venison (both canned foods). My other cat loves
      chicken, and Hobo likes Venison, so switching it up usually works ok. I realized Hobo's appetite started to decrease around the same time the California Natural changed their labels and formula, so that's why I switched him to Evo. I
      have started to add water to the food this week. I am also giving
      pepcid (famotidine) once or twice a day to help with the tummy. I have
      slippery elm bark but it's kind of old (>1 year at least) so I don't
      know if I should buy a fresh batch. I have noticed an increase in
      appetite since giving the pepcid on a daily basis and am trying to put
      out small portions of food several times per day so that he always has
      something available. However, between the two cats they are still
      barely finishing one 13 oz can per day (my other guy never has a huge
      appetite) - they used to gobble down the 1 can a day no problem, and now sometimes the can will last 1 1/2 days. Another positive about the increased appetite is that he's
      starting to wake us up for breakfast again - a good sign for him! He
      usually likes to drink from the water bowl and I see him doing that a
      couple of times per day.

      I don't have all the details from his latest bloodwork, but here's what I do have:
      in 8/07, his BUN was 38 and creatinine 3.9
      in 1/08 his BUN was 38 and creatinine 3.4
      in 6/08 his BUN was 75 and creatinine 6.1 (so it doubled in 6 months!)
      vet said his phosphate and everything else from bloodwork was within normal limits
      we'll be doing a urine culture next week

      now the vet is suggesting just 100ml twice per week, then gradually
      increasing it if needed as he tolerates it. The unfortunate part is
      that we're about to take a vacation, so I won't be starting the fluids
      for a few more weeks. The vet felt that would be ok - I didn't want to
      get him started and risk him having a bad reaction right before we left

      other problem I've been having is that 1-2 months ago he stopped taking
      his pills in Pill Pockets. Absolutely refused. He won't take them in
      any kind of treat at all. So we're back to me having to give him the
      pills one by one by mouth. He's a really good boy about it, but I wish
      that he would start liking the treats again so it would be easier on

      Thanks again everyone, and I'll be posting updates as I have them!

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