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Re: [FH] Introduction to Monster

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Chris, ... About how much supplemental taurine are you giving per day? The AAFCO guidelines are basically based on avoiding deficiency/excess problems...not
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      Hi Chris,

      In a message dated 6/27/08 2:22:59 PM, casmann@... writes:

      > He's blamed it on taurine deficiency caused by the mostly
      > raw diet I feed. (my raw diet exceeds AAFCO guidline for feline
      > nutritional requirements, taurine included. I also feed supplements
      > that contain it)
      About how much supplemental taurine are you giving per day? The AAFCO
      guidelines are basically based on avoiding deficiency/excess problems...not on
      optimum nutrition. And we have very little information about the taurine content of
      typical cat prey (altho mouse taurine is estimated at about 240mg/100g
      as-fed)...and about typical taurine content of meats used to feed cats (there are 2
      main studies, from Spitze and Laidlaw).

      > I'm writing looking for advice. I'd like to know if there is anything
      > more I can be doing to help him improve.
      Other nutrients that might be useful to look at incl L-carnitine,
      dimethylglycine (or trimethylglycine), and coenzyme Q10.

      > I have to be
      > sure there is nothing dietary causing Monster's problem as everyone
      > else woud be at risk if this is the case.
      If you'd like to post exactly what you're feeding, we can look at it for

      > Since changing his diet he's had gassy explosive diarrhea on and off
      > and will sometimes vomit after eating. The commercial food is Eagle
      > brand dry and tinned, sometimes Friskies tinned and treats are
      > Whiskas dry food)
      There could be a coupla contributing factors to this: new medications,
      ingredients in the commercial food, and abrupt food change, which can upset the dig.
      system balance. Eagle Pack is considered a quality mfr, but their products
      contain grains, which are neither necessary nor desirable for cat
      nutrition...and can be a contributing factor to dig. problems. Friskies is a brand with
      generally low nutritional quality, sorry to say, and it's ingredients can also
      cause digestive problems. In general, there is no dry food that is appropriate
      nutrition for cats, b/c the ingredients (often with grains), nutritional profile
      (often high in carbohydrate), and moisture level (10% or less) do not relate
      to the cat's evolutionary diet, which contains high amts of animal proteins
      and fats, no to very limited plant carbohydrate, and 60-80% moisture. If you
      want to continue feeding a commercial food, it might be worthwhile to look at the
      higher-quality grainfree canned brands, such as Wellness,
      www.omhpet.com/wellness; Nature's Variety Instincts, www.naturesvariety.com; By Nature Organics,
      www.bynaturepetfoods.com; and EVO 95% meat,

      > I have been letting him eat the raw food last 4
      > days and that's cleared up both ends of the little guy
      Excellent. A well-balanced fresh food diet provides quality nutrition for a
      cat...and if you're uncertain about feeding your homemade food at this point,
      there are commercially available foods, such as Nature's Variety raw, among a
      number of others.

      > I've been told 6 months is an average life expectancy with this
      > condition, I'd like to know if that's commonly true.
      I think (my opinion only) trying to predict longevity is a tricky business.
      With quality care, incl species-appropriate diet, we can help a heart cat lead
      a comfortable, rewarding life, for however long it may last. // Rosemary

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