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Re: [FH] Griffin - blood in stool and vomited

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Amanda, ... Bleeding often indicates chronic inflammation, esp if it s dark, as opposed to bright red fresh, which might indicate a little acute event, like
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25, 2008
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      Hi Amanda,

      In a message dated 6/21/08 12:05:48 PM, justinamanda@... writes:

      > we seem to have another issue (or maybe this has been the
      > issue all along). As I told you his ultrasound results were really
      > good, just a little fluid in his stomach. At the wonderful advice of
      > you all, I took his stool to be evaluated and it did come back
      > positive for containing blood.
      Bleeding often indicates chronic inflammation, esp if it's dark, as opposed
      to bright red fresh, which might indicate a little acute event, like a popped
      vessel. Inflammation would be consistent with the vomiting and food
      sensitivities, too.

      > What do I do now?
      What we can do at home for dig. inflammation is: novel protein diet with no
      triggers (which you're doing), slippery elm bark to help soothe the dig. tract
      lining, L-glutamine to help the gut tissues heal, injectable Vit B12 (see
      Steiner's work at Texas A + M on this), probiotics to help balance the ecosystem
      in the gut, and Standard Process Feline Enteric Support to support the gut.
      Transfer Factor is also useful to help support the immune system.

      Conventional medicine has no remedy for this except steroids and antibx.
      Complementary medicine can do much more, and a skilled practitioner can do more
      than we could do at home, incl such techniques as NAET, which can eliminate the
      "allergic" reaction.

      Further on diet...some cats cannot tolerate cooked commercial food and do
      better on fresh raw food, either commercial or homemade. So that is something to
      start looking into. The least reactive proteins are those from the cat's
      evolutionary diet, such as rabbit and rodents.

      > I have some reglan from awhile back for motility issues.
      > Is it ok to give him some now or do we need to wait?
      This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't use metoclopramide unless there was a
      confirmed motility problem.

      > With her having just done an ultrasound on him
      > yesterday, wouldn't she have seen a blockage?
      Most likely. // Rosemary

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