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Re: [FH] Need advice -- a newbie here!

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  • Leah Ferron
    Gina,   I am sorry to hear about Dinga s problems but glad that you found us.   OK, here goes. The high blood pressure is probably caused from the
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2008
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      I am sorry to hear about Dinga's problems but glad that you found us.
      OK, here goes. The high blood pressure is probably caused from the renal problems. You will want to keep a close eye on the heart as kidney and heart problems often go hand in hand. Hyperthyroid can cause heart problems as well but since you got that problem taken care of, that is one less thing to worry about. Depending on how long the thyroid was a problem though, it could have caused some damage too.
      I don't know how bad Dinga's renal numbers are but 200mls at a time is a lot of fluids for a kitty to handle even without any other problems. Because the heart is already being taxed from the kidneys, it would be best to give smaller dosages of fluids (50mls max) at a time. Spread the dosages out through the day or week as needed. A taxed heart just can't handle that much fluid at a time and then to put prednisone into the mix ...Yikes! Sometimes, I wonder where these vets got their degrees. Prednisone is really hard on the heart. We have seen too many times on this board where the kitty gets prednisone and is instantly thrown into CHF because of a hidden heart problem. With all that Dinga is going through, the prednisone and fluids together are just too much for her.
      Now, I understand that sometimes prednisone is an evil necessary and in that instance, you must try to use as little as is needed or try to find a viable alternative. I am not totally against prednisone in all cases. I have a kitty that gets granulomas in her lips when she gets stressed (basically anytime I leave her for more than a day, abandonment issues). Basically she gets a big red swollen fat lip and the only thing to help is prednisone. I give her the smallest dose possible for the littlest time possible until the fat lip goes away.
      The vomiting can be caused by just about anything including the renal problems. CRF kitties often get upset stomachs and stop eating. Something you may want to try is something like Slippery Elm Bark Powder which can be bought online or in health food stores. It soothes the gut and restores fluid balance there too. It is a natural substance and easy on a kitty's system. I would continue to search for reasons for the upset stomach though. The prednisone will only help with symptoms in most cases and not cure and often causes other trouble, as it probably did with Dinga.
      I hope that some of this helps. Be sure to ask as many questions that you have. Sometimes, it takes a while to get all the problems sorted out.
      Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

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