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[FH] Re: Patch Update 29/May Evening

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  • Catherine Browning
    Hi Donald, Thank you for this. That s one of the things that s so hard about Patch s case. His bloodwork and test results are still that of a relatively
    Message 1 of 7 , May 29, 2008
      Hi Donald,

      Thank you for this. That's one of the things that's so hard about
      Patch's case. His bloodwork and test results are still that of a
      relatively healthy cat. His murmur is undetectable, his pulse within
      normal limits, his CHF is gone, his blood gases are good, he's not
      anemic, his blood sugars have returned to normal. Sure, his urea
      count is apparently on the high side, but they say that's because of
      the infection in his bladder from the internal bleed. But basically,
      statistically, he's hanging in there, really fighting.

      But then you've got the other side of things. His legs stiffened up
      because the day vet didn't do any physio. Sure, he's pooping on his
      own, but it's filled with so much blood that they had to stop the
      Heparin. He can't wee on his own. He's "interested in food", but
      not eating on his own. None of that's reflected in the bloodwork,
      but doesn't stop it from being true.

      Although I have my own theories about the food thing. He was fussy
      before all this. They're offering him chicken, because it's bland,
      but NONE of them will eat chicken NOW - I tried tonight and they
      don't like it. What he DOES like is small amounts of fish, or his
      particular favourite brand of canned cat food, or his favourite brand
      of dry food that he gets as a treat occasionally.

      Anyway, it's almost like they're talking about 2 different cats. The
      first one is the Patch I knew before he threw the clot - basically
      healthy by every known measure that we have. And then there's the
      other one, and I'm scared to death that the second Patch is going to
      murder the first Patch.

      So hard, so very hard, to know what to do.

      Catherine and the first Patch.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Donald Yee" <mosquito.dyee@...>
      > Catherine,
      > I'm sorry to hear about Patch. I know this is tough but there is no
      > guarantee either way right now.
      > Acceptable ranges would vary with how the test is done, but
      > we like to see BUN < 35, Crea < 2.0, and HCT > 30. Sometimes these
      > values are elevated but return to more "normal" ranges and sometimes
      > cats can live a long time with above normal values. Anemia is not
      > normally treated with hormones until it falls below 20. If the
      > is low (20-30) then Vitamin B supplements can be given in an effort
      > boost it.
      > Good luck,
      > Don & Milo
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