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Patch Update 30/May Eearly Morning (3am)

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  • Catherine Browning
    Hi all, Just spoke to the vets. Patch still needs his bladder expressed - can t do this on his own. He IS pooping on his own, but it s diarrhea, and it s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2008
      Hi all,

      Just spoke to the vets. Patch still needs his bladder expressed -
      can't do this on his own. He IS pooping on his own, but it's
      diarrhea, and it's very bloody, so they've had to stop the Heparin
      because he was at risk of bleeding out. So now he's at risk of
      another clot, instead. His last iron count though was within normal
      limits so far ...

      They gave him something, I forget the name, but I know I've read it
      on here, which works as an appetite stimulant, and he did look
      interested in food when they did that, though didn't actually eat.
      They've managed to syringe a bit of water and food into him though.

      The overnight vet is the one who does cat physio, and his legs have
      softened up a little with this, though they're not as good/flexible
      as they were this time yesterday, before the day-vets had 10 hours
      with him with no physio.

      He also has heat packs under him, but they're trying to keep him a
      little hypothermic because they say heating causes vasoconstriction.

      His urea is a little high, they say the bacteria in his urine and the
      high urea level are probably both side effects from the blood in the
      bladder from the bleed. He's still on antibiotics.

      The biggest worry for me though is that they've had to stop the
      Heparin. I asked if there was a milder anticoagulant but they don't
      want to introduce anything now while his gastro bleed is so severe.

      I think I know the answer to this, but has anyone here had a cat
      survive a saddle thrombus where Heparin had to be discontinued?
      Maybe you used another drug, maybe something herbal? Or maybe you
      were able to reintroduce the Heparin once a bleed had stopped?

      I'm clutching at straws here, but they say "where there's life,
      there's hope" and 36 hours ago, Patch was fine and asymptomatic -
      hearty appetite, running, jumping, playing ... THAT'S the cat I'm
      fighting for. If he'd been declining, I might think it was now his
      time, but if you'd seen him 36 hours ago, all this would have seemed

      Advice? Ideas? Thoughts? Comments?


      Catherine and Patch
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