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Re: Jake and His Challenges

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  • psychoforkaatz
    Hi Again Adrian, Good to hear Jake is feeling so well despite his heart disease. It is very important to ask for copies of all chart notes and labs and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2008
      Hi Again Adrian,

      Good to hear Jake is feeling so well despite his heart disease. It is
      very important to ask for copies of all chart notes and labs and
      reports, such as the reports of the echos(sonograms/ultrasounds) and
      xrays. Many people on this list can help you interpret them fairly
      well to help you understand what to expect. Your vets dont seem to
      want to let you in on his health care so you have to take matters
      into your own hands and be your cats advocate. I know alot of people
      arent that into what goes on with their cats health and are content
      to leave it to the vet but you, along with most on this group, sound
      like you are not ready to do that. Thats a start. Many cats on this
      group would have been euthanized right away had their people listened
      to their vets and have lived many years past their "expiration date".

      Most of us give alot of supplements like coQ10, taurine, L-carnitine,
      fish oil (yuk)and B complex vitamins B-12 injections.These all help
      to strengthen the cats heart and immune system.

      A note about Atenolol, some cats cant tolerate it and it has a habit
      of causing them to retain those nasty fluids. Thats what happened
      with Josie and she did much better after I took her off of it. We
      found out she is also hyperthyroid so had hoped the thyroid med would
      lower the heart rate which is what the atenolol is for. It did for
      awhile but now we are considering putting her on a different heart
      med called Benzepril(sp). First we are adding the thiazide diuretic
      along with her lasix to see if that will do it.

      Do you know what Jakes resting resperation rate and heart rates are?
      Has his blood pressure been checked? Josie actually has low normal BP
      so I have to be careful with the heart meds that lower the heart rate
      as they will also lower the BP, but most of the heart kitties seem to
      need that.

      Always feel free to post alot of info here as the more we know the
      better we can help you understand what is going on and possibly give

      Kendall and Josie

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "goneaussie4ever"
      <marmammer@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I posted a few days ago about my cat but kept things short and
      > free so as to not take up your time. Two of you have have asked
      > our names and our stories so here goes.
      > Back in May of 2007 I moved to a tiny apartment in Texas with very
      > bad air conditioning. Shortly thereafter Jake, the best black cat
      > the whole wide world (who, me, biased?), started tummy push
      > breathing. The vet told me that was a normal reaction for cats not
      > used to the heat it should pass when the weather breaks. Flash
      > forward to the last week of October 2007 Jake is still tummy push
      > breathing and not eating....back to the vets we go. The first vet
      > says there is nothing wrong. The second vet says asthma, the third
      > vet said FIV (despite my showing her a long reccord of FIV
      > immunizations), the fourth vet said he didn't know what was
      > wrong "lets put the cat down in the morning....or I suppose you
      > take him to a specialist but that will be really expensive and your
      > cat will likely have to take lots of pills"....Flash forward to
      > today. My cat sees a cardiologist. He has been diagnosed with
      > failure (EKG's and sonagrams out the yingyang). I can't remember
      > vet specifying which kind of heart failure, though he did say Jake
      > has problems on both sides of his heart, his heart is ridicously
      > enlarged (and getting large), and it is only pumping about 20% of
      > what it should. Jake builds up fluid in his abdomen that we
      > get drained. Jake takes Atenolol, Vetmeddin, Enalapril, Lasik, and
      > Spironalactone in the morning....he takes everyhing accept the
      > Atenolol in the evening. The recent addition of the spironalactone
      > has really helped with the fluid control (well I think so, the vet
      > disagrees, but his fluid build up dropped dramatically two weeks
      > after starting the new drug). Jake's appetite is strong and his
      > attitude is generally good. Jake has a weird preference for diet
      > and recently started refusing anything with fish oil on/in it
      > I'll try again soon, maybe it is just another picky phase.
      > We go in to see the cardiologist every two weeks (I gave up on
      > the "regular vets") to get his tummy drained(no build up in the
      > lungs, thank God). The vet, through a vet tech, reminds me the cat
      > is going to die and is incredulous when I report that the cat
      > me at the door, watches birds through the window, and comes when he
      > is called. The vet said that Jake would be dead by New Year's it is
      > now nearly May and Jake is doing much better than he was at
      > The cardiologist doesn't give out a lot of information and
      > frequently has me talk to the lest compassionate vet tech I have
      > met. So I am often left wondering what is happening to my cat and
      > I really doing the right thing for him. I don't know what to
      > next or how to judge set backs and improvements. I do monitor his
      > breathing,
      > So that's us Jake and Adrian
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