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Re: [FH] Petuly's new blood work does n't  look too good!

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Thelma, ... Really good news. ... Dunno, possibly. ... I understand. That s where things like slippery elm bark may be useful. Not the whole answer...and
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 8, 2008
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      Hi Thelma,

      In a message dated 4/8/08 11:14:21 AM, s_thelma@... writes:

      > Petuly is definitely better than she was on Saturday.
      Really good news.

      > She seems to have this "I don't' feel good look" mostly at the end of the
      > day.  I wonder if it is because we've introduced new food.
      Dunno, possibly.

      >   I introduced it slowly but now she's 100% on it.  I had no choice she
      > would not go near her other food.
      I understand. That's where things like slippery elm bark may be useful. Not
      the whole answer...and may not even be an answer for her...but an option.

      > Both my girls may potentially have IBD. Calistica's intestines are
      > definitely inflamed.
      Very sorry to hear that. Feeding a high-quality, well-balanced, simple,
      species-appropriate diet...with no potential "triggers," eg grains (or grain
      fractions), soy, yeast, cow dairy...is the first step to reducing inflammation,
      since there is less to provoke the digestive and immune systems. A novel protein
      (as you're using) is also a good idea, in the event that the cats have become
      sensitized to the proteins commonly used in cat food (chicken, fish, beef,
      etc). While proper diet and limiting "allergens" is the foundation, it may not be
      enough...and there are ways to help heal the inflammation, incl with
      injectable Vit B12, L-glutamine, slippery elm bark, probiotics, Transfer Factor (human
      Classic), and Standard Process Feline Enteric Support.

      >   I have the feeling like you said that something is leaking out and it's
      > causing their liver enzymes to go crazy.
      Dr Mark Newkirk used to have a nice, concise article on what's called leaky
      gut syndrome on his site ( http://www.alternative-vet-newjersey.com )...but
      it's now gone, unfortunately. But there are no doubt articles about the concept
      elsewhere on the net (even if it's about humans, you'll get the idea). Bowel
      inflammation and liver inflammation are 2 legs in what is now called "triad
      syndrome," which also involves pancreatic inflammation (which may also be involved
      with diabetes). But very basically stated...the inflamed gut becomes "leaky,"
      which allows "toxins" to escape into the body (keeping in mind that the dig.
      tract is a closed system from mouth to exit), which then provokes the liver.

      This is important for all cats...incl heart cats...b/c the conventional
      treatment is steroids, which have potential risks. (Altho there are certainly other
      options than steroids.)

      > The girls have taken holistic supplements during the last 6 years. Who
      > knows if something there went wrong.
      Without knowing what they were, I can't comment. But "holistic" doesn't
      necessarily mean appropriate for cats, unfortunately. Species-appropriate diet is
      still the foundation...and lack of one is usually the point where things start
      going wrong in the dig. system.

      > About the acupuncture treatments.  I don't know if they're doing anything
      > for Petuly. We only started them about 6 weeks ago.
      I hope they are useful in healing. Our cats have had a good deal of
      acupuncture...and we've found it a positive part of an overall treatment plan. //

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