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Re: what have you been feeding your cats?

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  • Carol
    hi Summer, I feed Snowball basically whatever she ll eat at this point. She s so nauseated all the time, that any food that I can get into her I just let her
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 4, 2008
      hi Summer,

      I feed Snowball basically whatever she'll eat at this point. She's so
      nauseated all the time, that any food that I can get into her I just
      let her have it.

      Here are a couple of links with food charts that have the phosphorus
      levels and the one from the katkarma page has sodium levels. Binky's
      page has a link to two charts, the old one and a new one they've put

      katkarma page:

      Binky's page:

      Hang in there with Lucy. Hopefully now that she's on the right meds,
      she'll begin to respond and feel better. I can't believe the pharmacy
      made such a horrible mistake! I would talk to your vet about maybe
      increasing her Furosemide just for a little bit, as long as she
      doesn't have elevated kidney values. It should be okay to increase the
      Furosemide for a day or two to get her breathing better.

      Are you giving her any kind of supplements yet? You might want to give
      her CoQ10 and DMG (dimethylglycine). Both those supplements are things
      that can help strengthen the heart. We give Snowball 30mg CoQ10 twice
      a day and the DMG comes in 175mg tablets that we cut in half and give
      her half twice a day. They're light and air sensitive, so we cut them
      up and put the other half in the little foil it comes in and seal it
      and keep it in the fridge till we use the other half. Here's some info
      on DMG.
      DMG helps with "circulation and cardiovascular fucntion. DMG
      enhances oxygen delivery to the heart and improves several
      characteristics of the blood, including cholesterol and triglyceride
      levels maintained within normal ranges."

      Taurine and L-carnitine are also good for helping keep the heart
      strong and healthy. I give Snowball about 200mg of taurine a day. I
      haven't started L-carnitine yet, so I'm not sure what dose that would
      be, but I'm sure someone else can help there.

      Hang in there. You and Lucy are in our prayers.

      Carol and Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama Misty Snowball and Chelsea
      (angels Fritzy Sweetie Ducky Bouncer Muffy and Chris)

      "I know you're there...a breatha away's not far to where you are."
    • savionna@aol.com
      HI Summer, ... How much sodium and phosphorus is Lucy getting now? There are charts with sodium and phosphorus content of various products at
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 5, 2008
        HI Summer,

        In a message dated 4/4/08 2:43:40 PM, lucyandoni@... writes:

        > i want to put lucy on a low sodium, low phosphorous diet.
        How much sodium and phosphorus is Lucy getting now? There are charts with
        sodium and phosphorus content of various products at
        http://geocities.com/jmpeerson/ and http://webpages.charter.net/katkarma.

        This is a real interesting topic that we've talked about a few times (so
        there will be more in the archives). I think it's important to get an idea of what
        "low" is...b/c "high" sodium and "high" phosphorus are not nutritionally
        sound for any cat, and minerals work together, along with all the other nutrients,
        to feed the cat's entire body. So it's important to look at the nutritional
        composition of the whole product, in addition to the 2 minerals, when selecting

        Per the Mineral Requirements of Cats (Meyer, 1993), the guideline for the
        average healthy adult is 80mg sodium per kg and 60mg phosphorus per kg body
        weight per day. So the average 10 lb healthy adult needs about 360mg sodium/day and
        315mg phos/day.

        >   what are
        > some of you feeding your cats? 
        Higher-quality grainfree canned, such as Wellness, and fresh food.

        If you want to follow up, some reliable sources on feline nutrition incl:

        1. http://home.earthlink.net/%7Ejacm2/id1.html
        ("The carnivore connection to nutrition in cats"; Debra L. Zoran DVM, PhD,
        2. www.catinfo.org ("Feeding Your Cat: The Basics of Feline Nutrition"; Lisa
        A. Pierson DVM)
        3. www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm ("Feline Nutrition"; Max's House)
        4. http://www.damnynke.com/diabetes_&_obesity.htm ("Diabetes and Obesity in
        Cats"; Eliz. Hodgkins DVM)
        5. www.advancepetfood.com.au/nutrition (the former SpeedyVet Online Learning

        Some brands of higher-quality grainfree and lower-carbohydrate canned foods
        incl: Wellness, www.omhpet.com/wellness; Nature's Variety,
        www.naturesvariety.com; By Nature Organics, www.bynaturepetfoods.com; PetGuard, www.petguard.com;
        Felidae, www.canidae.com; and Eagle Pack, www.eaglepack.com.

        If you are interested in fresh food, some sources incl: Nature's Variety,
        www.naturesvariety.com; Hare Today, www.hare-today.com; Big Creek Farms,
        www.bigcreekfarms.com; Primal Pet Foods, www.primalpetfoods.com; and Bravo,
        www.bravorawdiet.com. // Rosemary

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