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Re: [FH] lucy was just diagnosed with congestive heart failure

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  • Leah Ferron
    Hello, Sorry I don t know your name. You may want to ask your vet about spironolactone in addition to the furosemide(that s the generic for lasix). Spiro helps
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      Sorry I don't know your name. You may want to ask your vet about spironolactone in addition to the furosemide(that's the generic for lasix). Spiro helps with fluid in the pleural space as Lucy has and the lasix works on the fluid in the lungs. Normal breathing rates are generally from 20-30/minute for a kitty. 37 is high and probably means that fluid is retaining again. Be sure to count the breathes at a rest time preferably sleeping but not purring or dreaming (as this will increase the rate). Count several times a day. Lasix is a quick acting drug and when given by pill, it should start working within 20 minutes or so. Lasix works in the body for 6 hours so in bad cases of fluid build-up, lasix can be given 3x/day.

      You will also want to see a vet cardiologist asap. Lucy needs an echocardiogram to figure out what type of heart problem she has and she needs to be put on heart meds in addition to the lasix. If a cardio isn't available in your area a internal med vet may be able to do an echo.

      If at any time you are concerned about Lucy's breathing, call your vet asap or take her to the ER. I hope this info helps and be sure to ask any questions that you have for the group.

      Leah and her cats and Angel Alec

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