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Re: goodbye Fritz

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  • jamander33
    Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about Fritz. I know it is hard. I can very vividly remember the day that we took one of our other cats to the vet, knowing he
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 9, 2008
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      Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about Fritz. I know it is hard. I
      can very vividly remember the day that we took one of our other cats
      to the vet, knowing he was probably not coming back home. However, I
      do know it was the right thing to do, then and now. My heart goes
      certainly does go out to you. Amanda
      > Hi everyone,
      > Earlier today, I had my Fritz put to sleep. It was a difficult
      > decision, but it was something I had thought about a lot, and was
      > least somewhat prepared for.
      > Even though he was just diagnosed w/HCM last month, he had a hard
      > with it, and was already in the advanced stages of the disease. He
      > nearly died that first trip to the ER, but after several days of
      > treatment, he came out of it. Then a few weeks later, his lungs
      > filled w/fluid again, and I had to take him back in. His dosages
      > increased, and he seemed to do okay for another week.
      > But for the last couple weeks, he's been having small episodes (at
      > least that's what I call them) where his resps increase a lot, and
      > stops being active. I can always tell when it starts because his
      > whole attitude changes, and he'll stop eating and playing. For a
      > while, I was able to keep him pretty stable just by increasing his
      > lasix dose and waiting a few hours.
      > I had already decided a few weeks back that if he were to go into
      > heart failure again, that I would put him to sleep. And when I
      > up this morning and found him lying next to my head, his breaths
      > and urgent, I had a feeling that this was it.
      > I immediately gave him a double dose of lasix, but it didn't help.
      > His energy was down to nothing, and few minutes later, I found him
      > crouching next to the door, going to the bathroom because he didn't
      > have it in him to make it to the litterbox. He was still fairly
      > though, so I thought I'd give him another dose of lasix and wait,
      > a few hours later, his resps were still fast and he still wasn't
      > It took me a few tries to muster my own will to get him into the
      > carrier, and I kept myself together and made it to the vet's. Even
      > though I was 90% sure this would be the end, I made them send the
      > doctor in to talk w/me before I said yes. I asked for the doctor
      > treated him during his first heart failure, and she thought I was
      > doing the right thing. She let me listen to his heart and lungs
      > the stethoscope, and I could hear the crackling in his breaths.
      > believed he was going into heart failure again, which is what I had
      > suspected.
      > I won't go into any details about the actual process, but it seemed
      > peaceful for him, and I do feel I made the right decision. I will
      > it was very hard for me to leave the room in the end. My other
      cat is
      > going about business as usual, only stopping to stare at me when I
      > suddenly burst into random sobbing.
      > I just wanted to say thanks for all your support in the beginning,
      > even though our battle w/HCM was short, it really does help to hear
      > from those going through the same things.
      > I also have some leftover enalapril (2.5) and furosemide (20 mg,
      > split into 10mg doses), if anybody would like it.
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