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Re: Is this the same as CRF?

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  • Carol
    Hi Kim, I ve had 3 CRF kitties in the past and five of my kitties now have CRF of some degree or another, Snowball being the worst right now, and she s also a
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2008
      Hi Kim,

      I've had 3 CRF kitties in the past and five of my kitties now have
      CRF of some degree or another, Snowball being the worst right now,
      and she's also a heart kitty.

      Anytime there is elevated BUN and creatinine, that's some level of
      renal failure. Whether it's chronic renal failure or acute renal
      failure is hard to say. If it's a sudden onset, it's probably ARF.
      If it's slow elevation over time, it's CRF. It's said that by the
      time the BUN and Creatinine actually show up being elevated on a
      blood panel, they kidneys have already lost as much as 75% of their
      function. Because of the nature of the kidneys, how they function,
      they can continue to function on as little 25% before you actually
      see signs of the disease. That's why it's hard to notice that they
      have kidney problems in the very early stages, because the kidneys
      make up for the lost function and keep on going until there's so
      little left that the symptoms finally are noticed.

      If your kitty is nauseated and vomiting, then you could give some
      Pepcid AC. The usual dose is 1/4 of a tablet once or twice a day. I
      use injectible Pepcid for Snowball, because she has such terrible
      vomiting problems. The injectible dose is .2 of 1cc once or twice a
      day (that's what Snowball gets).

      If you're vet is running kidney values in-house, not sending it out
      to a lab, the numbers may be a little different than what the lab
      does, and even different labs can have different results in their
      testing of the same animal. If it was my kitty, I would definitely
      get a complete chemistry panel (that's what shows the BUN,
      Creatinine, Phos, Potassium, liver values, etc.) and CBC (complete
      blood count which shows the condition of the blood - red blood
      count, white cells, etc.). You want to find out what the HCT/PCV
      (hematocrit/packed cell volume) is. That value shows if they're
      anemic or not. You should find out what the Phosphorus, Potassium
      and Calcium are. Those values are the ones that go askew with kidney
      failure. You also should check the liver values (Alk. Phos. and
      ALT), since the liver and kidneys are so closely intertwined in
      their functions.

      You don't want to wait to treat CRF, especially in a heart kitty.
      Depending on what the kidney values are will determine if they need
      subQ fluids or not. Balancing subQ fluids for the kidneys and not
      wanting too much fluids introduced for the heart is difficult, but
      it's not impossible. You just have to watch them closely and monitor
      their heart rate and respiration more often.

      There are some supplements that can help strengthen the kidneys,
      things like the Chinese herb combinatin Rehmannia 6 and kidney
      glandulars. A lot of folks on a couple of my CRF groups give their
      kitties both of those. Snowball gets them too. Acupuncture can help
      strengthen the kidneys too.

      The important thing to remember is that if you have a heart kitty
      with CRF, you need to learn how to balance the needs of both
      problems...giving the kidneys what they need in the way of
      fluids/moisture, but not so much that the heart suffers and they go
      into congestive heart failure. With my angel Sweetie who was HCM/CHF
      and CRF, we had to balance fluids with Lasix all the time, changing
      the dosages of both as each organ needed attention.

      I hope this helps.

      Carol & angel Chris 9/06
      Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama Misty Snowball and Chelsea
      (angels Fritzy 2/02 Sweetie 10/03 Ducky 11/05 Bouncer 4/06 & Muffy

      "I know you're there...a breath away's not far to where you are."
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