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Question for all of you....

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  • Jennifer Weak
    Unfortunately I had no choice (according to the ER vet) to put my beloved Cupid to sleep the other day. He was only 10 years old. Here is my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2008
      Unfortunately I had no choice (according to the ER vet) to put my
      beloved Cupid to sleep the other day. He was only 10 years old.

      Here is my story....Erika(from the CRF boards) suggested putting his
      info, etc on here for those that have dealt with this. He did not
      have CRF though...just a great group of people that helped me.

      5 days before Christmas, he just wasn't himself. Not jumping up to
      sleep with me, not really doing a lot. Eating and drinking though.
      Day after Christmas (Weds), I took him to the vet. Something wasn't
      right. They drew blood, did xrays as he was tender.
      Vet says xray showed some concern in left lung but when she took the
      xray a different way, there really wasn't anything there to be of
      concern. Then says his heart is a little enlarged. Not a big deal
      she said.
      His bilirubin was up and was showing signs of anemia (i'll post his
      blood work up at the end)
      Sent me home with 3 meds....Doxycycline, Baytril, and Prednisone.
      Also gave him fluids at the office that day. Next day(Thurs), come
      back for more fluids because he was dehydrated. Next day, he seems
      better though the fluids stayed there for 15+ hours. I called them
      and they said that he wasn't as dehydrated then and that it would go
      away.(Fri)-doing ok but not eating. Dr. said because of a possible
      blood parasite, he wouldn't have an appetite. (Sat) doing ok...still
      not eating. He starts breathing weird...fast and short. I take him
      to the ER Sun @4 am. His chest is full of fluid. They put him on
      oxygen, and eventually give him Furosemide. Kinda clears his lungs
      but she said that his heart is very large and possibly with fluids.
      She wants to keep him overnight but when I asked what the prognosis
      was she said that it doesn't look good. She said that even leaving
      him all night, she thought that I would face this decision within a
      few days, as it looked like too much was going on.

      So, reluctantly I said goodbye that night. It is the hardest thing
      that I have ever had to do. I just keep thinking that there was
      something that they could do.

      Anyways, the whole point of this is because I now have $2000+ in vet
      bills for my dead cat. I am mad and I need to know if someone else
      thinks that the Dr. should have done more at the initial check up.
      Could he have been saved? Could we have avoided this horrible pain?
      Did they do something wrong? I'm not looking to sue them, I just want
      proof so they will take responsibility for the bill and also so they
      are more careful with the next cat that shows these signs.

      If you have made it this far, I appreciate that. Below is his blood
      work. They didn't give me any of the differencials that Erika was
      asking me for. Though the ER did say that his numbers had improved
      from the original blood work up.

      Thank you again....you are all amazing


      The side notes are from Erika..
      GLU 131.
      > BUN 24.
      > CREAT 1.2
      > TP 6.2
      > ALB 2.3
      > GLOB 3.90
      > TBILI 1.9 (range?) 0.1-0.6
      > ALP 11. shows malnutrition
      > GGT 8.
      > ALT 35.
      > AST 27.
      > AMYL 1391.
      > LIP 35.
      > CA 7.4
      > PHOS 2.9
      > NA 145.
      > K 3.3 much to low needs to be supplemented with potassium
      glucobnate to
      > bring
      it up to 4.5
      > CL 114.
      > CO2_LC 15.0 looks like metabolic acidosis here needs a confirming
      > CHOL 137.
      > TRIG 44.
      > URIC_A 1.2
      > T4 2.5 at age 11 this is a midpoint where ususally treatment is
      > CK_NEW 223. range? 50.-250.
      > WBC 9.3 (rangexxx-xxx)5.5-19.5
      > RBC 4.06 (range xx-xxx)5.5-10.00
      > The rest are cut off....
      > HGB 5.9 ( rangexx-xx)?10.0-15.
      > HCT 18.5 he is quite anemic needs a full B- complex twice a day
      > MCV 45.6 (xxx-xxx)37.-49.
      >MCH 14.6 (xxx-xxx)13.-17.
      >MCHC 31.9 (xxx-xxxx)32.-38.
      > Plt 10. wow so low this is of importance, was there a note about
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