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Re: Wish us all Summertime luck please!

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  • Catherine Browning
    ... ice ... no ... and ... I live in Melbourne Victoria (Australia), and it s not meant to get this hot this early ... I m only 30, but I remember when I was
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2008
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Carol" <carolroars@...> wrote:
      > Hi Catherine,
      > Where do you live that it's that hot? Oh my gosh! I know how
      > important it is to keep heart kitties from getting overheated. You
      > might get some relief for the kitties if you can put a big bowl of
      > in front of a fan. Blow the fan over the ice and it kind of makes a
      > makeshift a/c of sorts. I've done that in our house at times, also
      > a/c. In California where I live, the south San Francisco bay area,
      > sometimes in the summertime it gets to around 103 on the bad days,
      > I have to figure out ways to keep my guys cool too.
      > Sending "cool" thoughts your way.
      > hugs,
      > Carol & angel Chris
      > Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama Misty Snowball and Chelsea
      > (angels Fritzy Sweetie Ducky Bouncer and Muffy)
      > "I know you're there...a breath away's not far to where you are."

      I live in Melbourne Victoria (Australia), and it's not meant to get
      this hot this early ... I'm only 30, but I remember when I was
      younger, the really hot weather didn't start til we all had to go
      back to school, towards the end of Jan / start of February.

      The cool change came through around 2pm Tuesday, but it was only
      around 10pm Wednesday that the house really cooled down -- certainly
      when the BoM (Bureau of Meteorology) said that it was 17 outside,
      inside my thermometer was still reading over 30!

      Even worse ... Tuesday afternoon I let them all out into the
      backyard, because it was so much better out than in, but had to pop
      in for a phone call ... came out half an hour later to find a dead
      pigeon on the back doorstep! The LAST thing they needed was more

      They ran around a lot outside after the change, attacking their
      scratching post and a giant (3x size) tennis ball that they love to
      grip with their front hands and kick the *** out of! And today
      they've been just darlings!

      Friday and Saturday are going to be hot again, but at least it'll be
      cool overnight, so the house won't be such a furnace!

      Anyway, the point to this story is ... *touch wood* we all came
      through the other side of the heatwave relatively unscathed!

      Just wanted to share some good news!

      Take care all,

      Catherine, Kitty (Mum), Buttons-Angel, Patch, Claude & Tuppenny.
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