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Fwd: Question - Noisy = uncomfortable?

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    I believe this was meant for the group? Re:lasix timing? ... ____________________________________________________________________________________ Be a better
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      I believe this was meant for the group?

      Re:lasix timing?
      > I guess the question is how to tell if Noisy means
      > uncomfortable...the vet said they heard
      > crackling and popping which we hear as well. and the
      > brething is LOUD, wheezing and
      > moaning sounds but the breaths per minute are about
      > 22..and he moves slow but is eating
      > small meals and looks relaxed...I rented the
      > concentrator and will set it up for the
      > emergency situation if it arrises...the vet said a
      > trip for an x ray may be too stressful, even
      > though I live in NY..he gets very upset leaving the
      > house..so the 3x lasix is their idea even
      > though there is still fluid in his lungs...I cant
      > see the breathing noise getting less as once it
      > started about a week and a half ago, the noise never
      > stopped...I just dont know if hes
      > suffering? Simone

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