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: [FH] Re: Our Maine Coon---Comet (3/20/2002-10/30/2007)

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      v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url (#default#vml) } v\:* { BEHAVIOR: url (#default#vml) } FLAVOR00-NONE-0000-0000-000000000000 ; Please accept my condolances, too. I have told my story so many times, people on this list probably know it by heart, but here it is again.
      This past June 10, at 5 am, my beloved Twinkie, NEVER sick, always busy, happy, funny, the clown of the house, fell off the coffee table and started moaning in pain. His whole back end was paralyzed, and he was in awful pain. By the time I got him to the E vets, he was standing, but his breathing was labored, and he was shaky. They kept him (it was Sunday) but I felt and heard him calling me to let him come home. He was a Mama's boy, and he was scared. I dd bring him home, as the vets said whatever was going to happen would happen. He as so happy- purred, went to "his" places. But, he couldn't jump on anything, couldn't play, still was not breathing well, etc. At 1 am, he was paralyzed again, and in pain. His feet and legs were totally cold. He was so confused, he didn't know me. I took him back, and we decided to let him go. Now, there are people on this group who have seen their cats improve after bouts like this, and it makes me feel guilty every time I
      read their reports. BUT, that would not have been the life for my Twinkie. He would not have wanted to be poked, prodded, pilled, and he certainly would not have wanted to be an invalid.
      He is at Rainbow Bridge as sort of a "guide" to the new kitties, so Comet was met by the best of the best.
      I am sorry for your loss, but know you will see him again.
      Marcia, Snowflake and Angel Twinkie

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      From: jamander33
      Date: 10/31/2007 2:42:14 PM
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      Subject: [FH] Re: Our Maine Coon---Comet (3/20/2002-10/30/2007)

      I am so sorry for you and Comet. It is so hard and seems so unfair.
      I, as well as all of the people here, know the pain and heartache
      you felt and are feeling. I agree that he is now at peace and in a
      wonderful place - free from pain. Thank you for sharing and I would
      love to see your website tribute to your baby when you have it
      complete. I will be watching for it. Amanda

      > I thought I'd share the story of our special friend, Comet, who we
      > to put to sleep yesterday. He was only 5-years-old.
      > Up until 3-weeks ago, I didn't know about HCM / Congestive Heart
      > Failure in Maine Coons. We got Comet from a friend-of-a-friend,
      not a
      > breeder. He was a freebie! In fact I knew nothing about the Maine
      > breed until two-years ago when I saw a picture of a Maine Coon that
      > looked just like our Comet.
      > Our happy, little guy (he might have only been part Maine Coon
      > he wasn't that large of a cat) enjoyed going outside, jumping out
      > (playfully) attack our Lhasa-Apso dog, sitting on laps, purring,
      > most importantly, laying upside down. I think he spent more time
      > upside down than right side up.
      > Then 3-weeks ago, he started to have labored breathing, and he
      spent a
      > lot of time crouching down on his front paws. We took him to the
      > who did an EKG, chest x-ray, and bloodwork. His x-ray showed a
      > blockage in the right lung. Then we went to a cardiologist who did
      > ultrasound and confirmed he was in congestive heart failure and the
      > blockage was fluid that had built up. They drained the fluid and he
      > spent the night in an oxygen cage to help his breathing. He was
      > prescribed furosemide (lasix), vetmedin, and enalapril. Plus, 1/4
      > aspirin every three days.
      > The funny thing about his heart was that it was the right side (not
      > the usual left) that was 5 times larger than normal. The left side
      > slight thickening of the walls.
      > When he came home the next day, he just wasn't the same kitty. He
      > spent most of his time in the closet, wouldn't play, was super
      > (from the lasix), and overall lethargic. He stopped sleeping with
      > getting on our laps, and laying upside down. He wouldn't eat his
      > food anymore, so we switched to canned food / baby food. It was
      > for him to eat anything too large, so I mostly fed him the gravy
      > the canned food.
      > We had a follow-up appointment with the cardiologist on 10/25/07
      > they said the fluid was back. She gave us the choice whether to
      > his lungs tapped again. We decided not to, since we didn't want to
      > stress him anymore. The labored breathing had returned (it has
      > subsided for a week or so after the first lung drain). The
      > cardiologist doubled his lasix dosage as a last ditch effort to
      > This past Saturday he stopped eating and the vet prescribed
      > Cyproheptadine to help his appetite and, perhaps, increase his
      > level slightly. It didn't help, so my husband and I decided to put
      > to sleep.
      > I miss my little-guy, my Mr. Comet, my upside down kitty, but I
      > he's in a place of peace filled with large paper bags, couches to
      > scratch, birds to chase, and lots of sunshine.
      > Since I'm a web designer, I'm going to create a website tribute to
      > him. I'll post back when I have it up. I've enjoyed reading the
      > message boards, especially the positive stories. Although this
      > had an unhappy ending, perhaps it can help in some way.

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