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Re: My 15 year old cat possibly has HCM, but it is a holiday weekend. Advice?

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  • nala_zq
    Diane, I agree with everything that Janie mentioned to you already. Swelling of a paw, finding a bruise, swelling of the face sounds like an allergic reaction
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2007
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      I agree with everything that Janie mentioned to you already.

      Swelling of a paw, finding a bruise, swelling of the face sounds
      like an allergic reaction to something - possibly a bite.

      I don't really know what fluid under the skin might be -
      unless the vet is referring to those areas where the swelling
      has occurred. Most of the time with heart issues, fluid
      will collect in specific places, the lungs, the lung cavity
      or the abdomen. Sometimes fluid will also start to build
      up in the feet, but that is not the first place one would
      notice it.

      I also don't understand what "hearing the heart through
      the lungs" might mean. Or was that possibly that she
      couldn't hear the heart because of excess sounds in the
      lungs? If that were the case, then I would think she
      would have x-rayed him to see if there was fluid
      in the chest. If your vet suspects heart disease,
      steriods should be avoided. Please keep a
      close eye on Barney's respiratory rate and effort. If
      he is having a hard time breathing take him to the
      vet right away. Did your vet actually mention HCM??
      Did she mention why she was suspecting such a disease?

      Is Barney having a hard time walking because of the
      swelling on his leg? Is the swelling coming down
      at all?

      Try to stay calm. I know this is a scary time for you.
      Keep us posted and please ask any other questions
      you might have as you get more information. In
      the meantime, let Barney know how much you love
      him and what a good and brave kitty he is.

      Hang in there.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Diane" <rddugan@...> wrote:
      > My cat Barney went to the vet Monday for a limp and swelling in his
      > paw. A bruise was found and he was totally stressed by the vet stay.
      > Home Tuesday, and he was better. On Wednesday, his face swelled and I
      > called the vet and left a message. No one got back to me, so I
      > called emergency services and treated with Benadryl, with some
      > success. However, on Thursday night, I started to give him 1/2 dose
      > adult benebryl rather than children's and he didn't tolerate it. I
      > didn't continue giving benedryl after noon on Friday
      > Meanwhile on Friday at 11:30 pm, my vet called back and wanted to see
      > my cat this morning. When we brought him in, she noted numerous
      > problematic symptoms, fluid under the skin, lethargy and lack of
      > fight, hearing the heart through the lungs. She gave us the option
      > of taking him to another clinic at 4:00, or of doing some blood work
      > and giving him some medicine (steroids). However, the tests results
      > won't be in until Tuesday. I thought this was best, because he is so
      > stressed by the doctor's visits, I think it is making the swelling
      > worse. Now, I don't know. What if he can be helped? I'd certainly
      > like to avoid death.
      > Right now, the face swelling is down a bit, but he is having trouble
      > walking for more than a few feet. He is eating and drinking and
      > seems comfortable.
      > I am also worried that my constant breaking out into tears is not
      > helping him. I hope you can respond soon. Thank you so much!
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