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Re: Back Leg Weakness After Using Litter Box

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  • nala_zq
    Melissa, I do not have experience with clots, but 1/4 of a baby aspirin is an extremely low dose. In fact, since Snowball already had a clot, this seems like
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2007

      I do not have experience with clots, but 1/4 of
      a baby aspirin is an extremely low dose. In fact,
      since Snowball already had a clot, this seems
      like perhaps it is not the best treatment choice.
      It has been reported that when taking aspirin
      up to 75% of cats that have had a previous
      clot will have another one.

      Most baby aspirin contains 81 mg of aspirin. Most
      cats on aspirin therapy take 81 mg every 3
      days. Perhaps there are other reasons for
      your vet recommending such a very low dose. I
      know I mentioned this to you when you previously
      mentioned your vet prescribed 1/5 of a baby aspirin

      For more information on common dosing
      strategies see:

      I am unfamiliar with Anaquid.

      Does his weak leg feel cool to the touch? Is it swollen
      or hot anywhere?

      Is the leg that is failing him now the same leg
      that had the suspected clot before? Is it possible
      he has arthritis in a joint? Is his leg weak at any
      times in addition to using the litterbox?

      Some diabetic cats become constipated and display
      rear leg weakness, and as you know CRF kitties are
      commonly constipated. But I don't think this is usually
      just one leg that is weak. Is he diabetic in addition to
      having high blood pressure, CRF and hyper T?

      How is his breathing? Sometimes bowel movements
      put strain on the heart and the kitty will become weak
      and wobbly. With the hyperT and kidney problems, his
      heart can be affected. Did he ever see a cardiologist, or
      did you decide against it given his advanced age?

      I would certainly call my vet and/or take him in.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Gillinov" <gillinov@...> wrote:
      > I noticed that when my cat uses the litter box he often winds up with
      > his back right leg straight in front of him. If it is not straight
      > then it is in other uncomfortable looking positions. The stool
      > samples are not hard but he still strains allot. This has resulted in
      > my cat limping on the back right leg. Last night we thought is was a
      > blood clot so he got a shot of anaquid and a shot of heprin. He was
      > fine this morning and I thought the shots worked. Then he went to
      > the litter box and strained so much when producing a stool sample that
      > he wound up falling down on his bottom. He is now back to limping on
      > his back right leg. Does anyone else have these problems? I really
      > think that it was not a blood clot but putting so much pressure on the
      > back right leg. The back left leg and the front legs are fine. When
      > he does get constipated I give him a little laxatone. His stools are
      > soft so I don't think he is constipated but what should I do? I feel
      > awful seeing him hobble around. He is currently getting 1/4 a baby
      > asprin every four days, 1/8 a norvasc every day, 75 of fluids every
      > other day, and .25 of tapazol every day,
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