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Question whether Gus is doing okay

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  • Meo Doyne
    Hi - For those of you who have not followed the recent setback that I have had with Gus, I will give a short history -- Gus recently had a crash (3rd one in 4
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      Hi - For those of you who have not followed the recent setback that I have had with Gus, I will give a short history -- Gus recently had a crash (3rd one in 4 years). His Creatinine increased to 9.1 from 2.5 in less than one month's time. The vet did ultrasounds and x-ray and thought that Gus was suffering from HCM and treated him with Atenolol and Lasix. I took Gus to a Cardiologist who stated that Gus did not have HCM and that his heart appeared normal for a cat his age, without heart failure. He did state though that even though Gus did not have a high BP in the office, he did have some broken blood vessels in his eyes and put him on Amlodophine for high blood pressure. Over the last week Gus has been doing good. His sight appears better, he is eating, and starting to play with his sister again.

      Maybe I am overreacting, since I have been on this merry-go-round for so long or perhaps I am picking up on something since I am so in-tune to how Gus is feeling. He is such a magician that can hide the fact that he feels poorly, that I worry so.

      When I came home from work on Monday night, Gus had vomited a small amount of food-tainted liquid. After feeding the cats, I noticed that Gus only ate a little amount of food -- however he went back to the food bowl a little later and ate some more. He eventually ate all of his food, but he usually does not leave the bowl until it is empty. He acted normal that night so I just thought he could have had an upset stomach. When I came home after work on Tuesday night, there were two large areas of vomit -- the same kind, slightly food-colored fluid. He ate a little bit better last night, and I could not get on-line since my internet provider was down. I checked his respiratory rate and it was 28 and listened to his heart (but I am not so good with this). He has gained the weight back that he lost during his hospitalization. I am concerned that he is going through ESRD (end stage renal disease). He has that smell and it seems that it is come out
      from all sides of him. He won't let me look into his mouth though. Also, I am concern that he might be developing an abnormal accumulation of fluid in his abdomen. Would this contribute to the food-colored fluidy vomit and the fact that he is not eating all his food the first time the bowl is put in front of him? Other than this, Gus appears fine. But, we all know that our kitties are great magicians. I know that if symptoms continue I am going to have to take him but I am trying to be proactive so I may be getting scared over nothing.

      Is it possible to go through congestive heart failure by just having kidney failure and/or high blood pressure? If I am completely wrong about a fluid accumulation in his stomach, does anyone have any other suggestions? I will be picking up his last full panel blood work this afternoon, but the vet only stated that the Bun and Creatinine were high and there were no other changes from his blood work one month ago. If this is not the case, I will post the other numbers later tonight.

      If Gus is going through ESRD is there anything that I can do beside comfort measures? I am really not ready to let this kitty go, but I fear this is where I am heading. Thank you for any and all support, advise and prayers.

      Best Regard,
      Meo Doyne

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