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Re: Just introducing myself and Mouse

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  • flyerfan@blazenet.net
    Lynna, To try and say whether you did the right thing is a really tough, impossible call. I made the same call with Dom 5 months ago and thank heavens it has
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 9, 2001

      To try and say whether you did the right thing is a really tough,
      impossible call. I made the same call with Dom 5 months ago and thank
      heavens it has worked for us so far. But, I will still admit that
      somedays I look at Dom and really think I just have to get him to the
      cardiologists for tests etc. Why, I don't know! As he is 10 times
      better now then what he was when on the drugs, tests etc. but I guess
      it was reassuring to me to have all of that great info and help at my
      finger tips. It was kind of like a security blanket for me thinking
      that I am doing everything humanly possible to help him. Without all
      of this, I can get a little shaky. But, as Linda so well put it, Dom
      is now on his own path and doing it his way. For some cats, this is
      not the answer but for Dom he was going to die from the drugs, stress
      etc. so giving him this stress free time is the best and right thing
      to do for him. Maybe not for me--but for him! LOL He hasn't had an
      asthma attack since the testing etc. stopped. We have been very
      fortunate that he has had 5 months so far after my decision and he is
      great. He now runs and jumps (he barely moved on the drugs), no
      longer hides all of the time (because he isn't afraid that we are
      taking him somewhere to a doc AGAIN!)and eats like a horse (because
      he isn't worrying about finding the drug laced food). So, it has
      worked for hubby and I and we spoke yesterday saying that regardless
      of what tomorow brings, we will not beat ourselves up with any
      outcome. He has been 1 happy, delightful cat again and I am glad that
      we gave him this opportunity. Just our opinion of course.

      I hope this works out for Sabrina too and we just use a regular vet
      now also. Mostly for the depo shot that Dom has to have to keep his
      allergies and asthma under control. He does listen to his heart too
      of course whenever he sees Dom. He gave me a list of signs to watch
      for and thankfully, I've seen none yet.

      Jeanne, Dom, Bono & Louie

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Lynna" <lynnajane@e...> wrote:
      > Dear VVictoria,
      > Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss of Kira, just so
      > recently. You are truly special to be sharing your experience,
      > and hope with us. Thank you so much. This helps me a great deal.
      > Sabrina sees her holistic vet (who is by the way a "real" vet by
      > degree and practice, but he only does holistic treatments now)
      > week. So each week she gets her heart listened to, her abdomen
      > examined and she gets acupunture which seems to be making her more
      > energetic, although she is quite slow when she moves...
      > I just made the tough call of cancelling her next cardiology
      > appiontment that was set for next week. They wanted to do
      > xrays, blood work and also echocardiogram. I figure they could do
      > that - but they can't give her any medicine to FIX her particular
      > problem so why put her through this. Do you guys think I made the
      > right choice? It is so hard to know. She gets lasix on alternate
      > and spirosomthingorother on the other alternate days. So far no
      > build up that the holistic guy can tell. Plus I weigh her every
      > day. She weighs between 11 to 11.6 pounds. And she eats well, so it
      > seems likely no fluid is building to speak of.
      > I just feel scared to be walking out here alone...did I do the
      > thing?
      > Lynna
      > --- In feline-heart@y..., VHess2000@c... wrote:
      > > My angel cat, Kira, developed severe pulmonary edema and
      > heart
      > > failure 6 days after suffering an embolism. Both her right and
      > > ventricles were enlarged, and the vet said that even with
      > > treatment she would die within 48 hours. I wanted to bring her
      > for the
      > > night before I had her PTS in the morning, and he suggested
      > her chest
      > > to release the fluid. She was already in a lot of pain and in a
      > weakened
      > > condition, so I asked that he administer a strong shot of lasix
      > instead. She
      > > urinated 14 times during the night (I know, cause that's the
      > of towels
      > > I had to change.) Anyways, 10 hours after having the shot, she
      > cleared,
      > > her breathing eased, she became alert and started meowing for
      > SHe made
      > > a rapid recovery from that point and lived another six months,
      > she
      > > suffered another embolism 2 weeks ago. During that time she was
      > active,
      > > gained weight, had no lethargy, or breathing difficulties
      > her
      > > respiration and heart rate, remained high). I maintained her on
      > oral lasix
      > > to control fluid retention. So pulmonary edema doesn't have to
      > an
      > > immediate death sentence. Hope Mouse turns the corner.
      > >
      > > VVictoria
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