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Re: [FH] Anabolic steroids in early cardiomyopathy

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  • helen stone
    Penny, I shouldnt think many on here have come across this maybe? It s fairly Uk possibly European specific it seems. Anabolic steroids are generally given
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
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      I shouldnt think many on here have come across this maybe? It's fairly Uk possibly European specific it seems. Anabolic steroids are generally given fairly routinely in cats with renal failure over here. The thinking as I understand it is that it helps reduce the muscle loss these cats experience and increases their appetite, I was told it helps them to ""feel better in themselves"" In Annas case feeling better involved developing fixed dilated pupils within 24 hours, sigh, which I met by doubling up her amlodipine to 1.25mg, by Sunday her pupils had started reacting to light again thankfully, but, she's agitated.
      I have read that Anabolic steroids encourage salt and calcium retention, possibly with renal cats this helps reduce the polyuria etc and electrolyte loss.I wouldnt however think it is a good idea in heart kitties at all really, depending on the situation.
      In Annas case this was extremely unhelpful given 'that she appears to have uncontrolled hypertension which I still am pushing for them to take. My immediate concern however was that given the muscle building effect of this form of steroid that it should not be used in cases of cardiomyopathy where the walls of the heart are already thickened, I will be following this up when I speak with the vet. Hopefully one jab will haveminimal if any heart thickening effect. It does seem to have had a salt retention one however.
      Over here renal management is far behind the states still, ie rather than a steroid Anna needs fluids, hugely as she is very dry, anti emetics and some phosphate binders, as yet I'm working on getting these.
      I hope this helps, I didnt actually know Anna had renal failure as such to be clinically significant, my vet had refused to commit that she had, her last bloods were slightly elevated plus she has become terribly thin so I imagine that was his reasoning, next time I'll be checking before anything is injected! At the moment just fingers crossed and a careful eye, it remains high in their system for 3 weeks,
      Much Love Penny

      Penny Branham <pennybranham@...> wrote:

      I am not a vet, but I would like to know why they did this. There must be some medical
      benefit I am not aware of. Please forward me your best response to this question. I keep a file with information in it for my future reference. I don't see a post to the group in response to this question.

      Thanks, love and best wishes,

      Penny & Angel Snowball

      helen stone <beingtherealways@...> wrote:
      Dear All,
      I'm sorry I havent updated in a while things are much the same with Anna, still on partial assist feed but she does have an appetite which I'm very grateful for.
      Slight worry here, I took her for her first B12 shot yesterday and the vet told me afterwards he'd mixed it in with some anabolic steroid which they give to crf cats over here apparently. I slightly panicked at this but realised it's in and nothing to be done.
      Anna today by the afternoon had fairly fixed dilated pupils more than usual, some reaction to the earlier light, I just checked her heart rate and it's gone up to 240 bpm at rest as opposed to her more usual 200 bpm. So, I'm concerned to say the least and wondering if anyone else with heart kitties with kidney issues has dealt with this drug before?
      Much love,
      Yours in worry,

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